Friday, December 12, 2008

Ride The Lightening

Well, you knew it was coming sooner or later, right? Now, if I can only figure out a play on Master of Puppets and Cliff 'Em All.

Anyway, someone e-mailed me this link today, and it seemed appropriate enough. Minus BMX sells "Lightening Bolts," which are 18-8 stainless steel bolts and 7075 washers to replace the spindle hardware on a variety of three-piece cranks. (Unless they just haven't updated the site, all of you up-to-date two-piece types with Wombolts and Flys and Tibias are stuck with the factory hardware—bummer. And if you've got Solids or XSes or Primo Excels or something, well, lighter crank bolts are probably the least of your worries.)

They're $20 a set, which is half the price of a set of Profile titanium bolts—although Profile hooks you up with a sprocket bolt as well. (Then again, if you're at the point where you're actually concerned about the weight of your crank bolts, you've probably already got a spline-drive sprocket.) And given the risks of running ti bolts in a ti spindle—if you don't use that ti-prep, you could end up with a very expensive set of one-piece cranks—maybe stainless bolts are a better choice.

But are they? Sure, I guess they're lighter than stock crank bolts, but are they stronger, or even as strong? One would imagine that if stainless were the best material from which to make crank bolts, companies like Profile would be using it already. After all, they don't seem like a company that would use a sub-standard material just to be able to sell their product at a lower price. I'd be curious to hear whether stainless is a viable bolt material in a BMX application.



I'll do a quiz next Friday, promise.


If you haven't read it already, there's a great interview with Shawn Arata over on Orchid. I'm a sucker for where-are-they-nows. Also: "Remember this, its not about how light your bike is or how many tailwhips you can do or what company you ride for. Because no matter who you are [or] where you're from, it’s all about the smirk, the itchy hands and the bounce when you see the most perfect spot." Word.

The G-Sport George interview on BMXUnion is well worth your time as well.


I feel as if, despite my best intentions and efforts, I've totally lost track of what videos I have and haven't posted. All apologies for any repeats.


Kris Bennett rules!


Anonymous said...

bah, they should have at least made these bolts with a 6mm broach so you don't have to carry around a single 7/16" allen just for that one bolt. lame.

Beau said...

Little known fact outside of Norcal - Solid makes new cranks that are lighter than profile race, and apparently can only be bought through solid although they've been out for months

deaner said...

I was certain this post was going to be about the nike lightning bolts show thats all over the internet today. The title would work perfect for that too. hah..

Anonymous said...

Bike mechanics have "retard strength," so I wouldn't trust one with my aluminum spindle bolts, but has anyone ever broken a crank bolt riding?

If you can tighten it, it works. You can tighten stainless enough, unless your cranks are so wobbled out you can fist the spindle boss, and if they're that fucked up, you aren't BMXOCD enough to buy after-aftermarket bolts.

And if you are that anal, you won't buy these, because see comment #1.

Kurt Hohberger said...

Thanks for the love Russ!

MinusBMX said...

I make these.
First of all, 7/16 would be a large allen wrench.
I don't broach them out to 6mm because the cost would double.

I don't sell sprocket drive bolts because their are many different threads out there.

So no, they aren't a huge weight savings at all. But they do offer something for your money. You could replace your stripped out bolts with another set of $15 bolts. Or you could spend another $5 and get SOME weight savings and a stainless bolt that will never rust.

As for strength. I have tested the yield strength compaired to solid grade 8 bolts. While it's not comparable it is plenty for the applicatioin. A team rider has sheared off a crank arm and the bolt didn't break.

You can buy them on ebay. Just search Lightening Bolts!
Thanks for the plug!


What about the TEMPERED BIKES frame,Russ?

Anonymous said...

next week you should start the twelve days of ratboy sprfls christmas spectacular...

thanks for the bennett.

bones said...

To continue on with the metallica theme

''Phantom Lord''-the forgotten kink phantom lord frame

Russ said...

Maybe YOU forgot the Kink Phantom Lord frame.

*does full-cab to 270 x-up peg chink*

Ben 2 said...

oh yeah more ratboy !!!

John said...

Ben 2:

Anonymous said...

mike tag day...

just saying.

for christmas post, all hoffman, all day because he is the bmx jesus.

John said...

Oh, and I just noticed the label - nice Mad Max reference. You're a fan of the movie too I take it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe a nice upgrade to flush bolts for profile users?

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