Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Rip-Off Quiz

I call this the rip-off quiz not because of the content, but because the concept of the Friday quiz is something I've blatantly stolen from BikeSnobNYC. I don't do it nearly as well or as regularly, and I don't even provide a way to tell whether your guess is correct (assuming there's even a correct answer to begin with)—but other than that, it's pretty much exactly the same. Oh well, maybe when I have his readership.

This time, at least, you should be able to sort out the correct answers with the links in the questions. Provided, again, if there are correct answers.

Anyway, on with the show.

1. The Fit FITED. LT is how much LTer than the regular FITED.?
a) 8.5 ounces

b) 5.5 ounces

c) 3.5 ounces

d) 0.5 ounces

2. Ryan Guettler's upcoming Vans signature shoe will be called what?

a) The Superman

b) The Whip 3

c) The Hot Topics

d) The Podium

e) The Monster Boost Kicker

3. Felt shot their new range of parts in black and white because:

a) it reflects on the understated elegance of the brand

b) someone forgot to change the settings on the camera

c) colors are so 2007

d) it's harder to tell that they're just Taiwanese catalog parts

e) they outsourced the photography too

4. The new(ish) Fit Shiv fork's legs are:

a) tapered

b) sharpened

c) scary

5. True or false: The Standard 250LITE is peg friendly.

a) True

b) False

c) Define "friendly"

6. Plegs now come in white. You should:

a) only use them on white ramps

b) never use them after Labor Day

c) re-think your entire color scheme and buy white tires as soon as possible

d) who cares, pegs are so 2005

7. I am currently listening to which song? (See last video for answer.)

a) Pink Floyd, "Bike"

b) Judas Priest, "Freewheel Burnin'"

c) Chamillionaire, "Ridin' Dirty"

d) Saxon, "Wheels of Steel"

e) John Farnham, "Thunder In Your Heart"


I meant to post this yesterday with the Taj post, but I didn't. About four or five years ago, I bought this Hoffman Bikes jersey on eBay. I think I paid somewhere around $60. It's one that Taj allegedly wore in an X-Games (not this one, I guess), complete with his name on the back and blacked-out Boks logos. Here's me shamelessly modeling it (I don't think I've ever posted this photo anywhere before—for good reason.)

Nice hair, hippie.

Anyway, my friend DBZ lived in Austin at the time, and I figured I HAD to get Taj to sign the thing. After all, how many of these jerseys could there be? It's not like I was gonna wear the thing. And I thought Taj would get a kick out of seeing it again. So I sent it off, and this is what I got back:

One of these days I'll get around to framing it or something. In the meantime, anyone have a pair of Boks in a 9.5?


It's an HB kind of week, I think:



Anonymous said...


wade said...

I just got white KHE tires. Skinny ones too. Oops?

tony said...

Whatsitsay? "Unlock the Boks"?

Russ said...

Unlock the Boks, yes.

Taj said...

Hi Russ, This is kind of weird. I check your blog everyday and its always one of my most favorite things to read. Your humor about the absurdity of BMX is great. Anyway, the last 2 posts have been kind of close to home! I remember signing that jersey and I think there's a good chance it was from the xgames.... I had like 3 of them and gave them away so mat couldn't make me wear them anymore! And, why did I write "Unlock the boks?" Was there some kind of inside Boks joke I don't remember 'cause that doesn't really make any sense. I guess I could see myself thinking that is funny because usually at the meer mention of Boks I start laughing. I don't know...

Thanks for all the entertainment and get back to tearing apart this ridiculousness!
PS For what its worth I have a Mat Hoffman Skyway jersey I like to wear around sometimes. Makes me feel like a superhero.

wade said...

I have a Rob Sigaty X Games GT Jersey that Woody Itson gave me. Does that count? I'm off to visit the Sarge in Vancouver next week, so maybe I should give it back...

Anonymous said...

Oh shit! Albe's is having a 35% sale off everything.

I am real tempted to buy a new bike. I have taken a no replacing parts on my BMX unless they are broken. I don't think I will ever break my HB superforks or hula hoops. Kinda tired of riding a 35 pound bike.

Thinking hard about the Kink Roc. It looks pretty dialed. $350, all chro-mo, all cartridge bearings, 2 piece cranks, pivotal, etc. Rob the nice brake setup, stem, and pedals off the current bike, and it would be pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

wade, what is the sarge up to these days? is still riding? what about jamie delaney?

John said...

Damn, I guess this blog is definately not dead if Taj himself is commenting.

Stephen said...

i'd like to have taj's ugp jersey from the christmas classic from 1996, i think. maybe 1995.

ryan said...

Is the felt ad actually black and white? Seat's got purple on it and the other parts just look normal.

wade said...

Anon 7:11
Rob Sigaty is doing shows and working construction, in addition to his general hanging-out-and-being-awesome.
Jamie Delaney still has some Alliance frames for sale!

Beau said...

I will pay for anyone to get an "Unlock the Boks" neck tattoo, contact me

t.f.a. said...

we, Albe's have the actual X-Games medal Taj won at the first one...when it was called the "Extreme Games" proudly displayed in our shop. we also have a Fox jersey with his name on it that he sent us as payment for helping him with something. wow, having just re-read what i typed it seem's as though this has turned into some sort of lame, BMX one-up contest. sorry.

Beau said...

whoever has one of Taj's dreads wins

t.f.a. said... one point i had a bunch of them. he sent some to me right after he chopped them. don't know what hapened to them, though. they probably got smelly-er so the were disposed of...also, a voodoo doll may have been made.

Anonymous said...

joe rich answered an e-mail i sent him about music.

Beau said...

Friday Quiz: Russ would pay how much for a well preserved, authenticated Taj dread:

A. Over 5000 Dollars
B. Over 100000 Dollars
C. All of his earthly possessions
D. All of his earthly possessions + first born son

Anonymous said...

^^^ never been to the internet, or would have said over 9000.

And also "e) they outsourced the photography too" made me laugh out loud.

Boston George said...

obviously 30 shipped.

wade said...

Anon 7:06
Thanks for the Albes commercial. Ti spokes may be sprfls, but at 35% off...

Ty said...

I wanted the flat blue Hoffman taj with the carrot sticker sooo bad.

Alberto said...

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Gordy said...

I want that Jersey, hit me up if it is available..