Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Quiz

I ain't done one of these in a while. Mainly because I don't even remember the last time I posted on a Friday. But I scanned through BMXfeed and the Dan's Comp new products section, and I think I've got some decent material. Well, some material anyway.

1. This is Premium's new "Refuse Resist" tire. (Yes, it's just one tire, not the "Refuse" AND the "Resist". You're thinking of WTP's "Grippin'" and "Feelin'" set. Get it straight.):

Which of these other Sepultura song titles was NOT thought of and rejected as a name for this tire?

a) "Crucificados Pelo Sistema" (Didn't fit on sidewall.)

b) "Dead Embryonic Cells" (Too controversial, draws undue attention to tire's stem cell content.)

c) "Stronger Than Hate" (False advertising.)

d) "Sarcastic Existence" (Hit too close to home.)

e) "Bestial Devastation" ("Bestial" not in office dictionary.)

2. Colony, unsatisfied with their absolute domination of the Australian BMX market, decided to expand their empire into a less dangerous, albeit far more lucrative sport: Poker.

What other BMX crossover product is in the works?

a) Odyssey Monopoly

b) Subrosa D&D dice

c) Flyaella

d) S&M&Ms

e) Levi's Road Fools—oh, wait

3. SE Racing chose to name their latest frame after the De Ville, a model of Cadillac:

Given the current economic situation, and the state of the American auto industry, which of the following would have been a better name?

a) The Titanic

b) The Bear Sterns

c) The Bailout

d) The Subprime

e) The 401(k)

4. I'd never even heard of Integrity before I saw this:

Apparently they're a Utah-based company that sponsors Colton Satterfield, and as far as I can tell, their only product is this 10-ounce frontload stem. What much-needed part should they offer next?

a) a Velo-based pivotal seat.

b) a "stump" pivotal post

c) stickers

d) a hollow-pin, hollow-plate, half-link chain

e) grips that are almost Longnecks but not quite

5. If you do an image search on Google for "BMX", this is the first result:

This is:

a) depressing

b) fucking awesome! Where do I line up!



Lettusdude said...

Integrity isn't nearly as superfluous as Fatality BMX...But at least they have some tees and ti-bolts now instead of just brakepads.

The Yamaha bike is strange. Are the pegs meant for grinding or what?

matt hovermale said...

Is that an old primo pro taj tire with a different name printed on the side? Sum-bitch for recycling out of print records

Russ said...

I was going to post something about the new Duo tire being a bad photocopy of the original Ruben tire, didn't even think about the Premium's design, or lack thereof. BMXspionage!

looking over the fence said...

Integrity stem a copy of another really? Where's the integrity? Guess there are USA clones now too.

Anonymous said...

Nice tag. Hard to believe that Halftime is like 14 years old.

Beau said...

Remember the first short lived primopro Taj tire, the one with the suction cups on the sidewall that was pretty much completely square when you inflated it? Someone should remake those, I still remember rolling in to a wood bowl the day i got one and eating it because you couldn't turn without washing out.

Beau said...

wow some German mailorder STILL HAS THEM!

ali said...

The Enron?

Anonymous said...

i'm going to try and answer these

1: a
2: b
3: c
4: e
5: a or b depending on how much alcohol has been consumed

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad that Kevlar Premium tire is like 12 bucks cheaper than most of the other ones, the weight isn't half bad either, i can't complain about it

noel said...

Come on, Russ...Premium rolls out the red carpet for you with a song titled part and you DON'T play us some Sepultura? For shame, sir.

dan said...

#5 made me spit my coffee on the computer screen. awesome.

Loop said...

The third image to appear under Google is: "Tony Hawk's signature bmx."

Now that's depressing.

As for the Yamaha Tricker, you should be going for the latest Air version. It even has a gyro!

Anonymous said...

If I had so much money that I could buy whatever I wanted, I would buy one of those yamaha bmx motorcycle tickster things after I buy my lambo and my mansion. Unfortunately I am broke. But if I win the lotto, I'm getting one for the hell of it.

Anonymous said...

^^ Check this thread out it scares me!!!