Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Quiz

1. When shooting a photo of your prototype super-high, super-tall, two-piece bars for your new company's official blog, you should focus on:

a) the welds

b) the logo

c) the ginormous crossbar

d) the rise

e) nothing, focusing is gay

2. Apparently a chopper company decided to convert a bunch of old Primo Tenderizers into limited edition (ha) innovative (HA!) motorcycle footpegs. The first question that comes to mind when looking at them is:

a) "Who in their right mind would buy those?"

b) "Wouldn't PCs have been a lot lighter?"

c) "Do they come in any limited edition colors?"

d) "Will Orange County Choppers build a BMX-themed bike now?"

e) "Wonder what sucker Primo will find to buy all their leftover Hula Hoops?"

3. This product was manufactured when, and for what purpose?

a) in 1985, to keep your front brake bolt from tearing your Vans on tailwhips

b) in 1989 to keep your front brake bolt from tearing your Dynos on pinky squeaks

c) in 2008, to keep your fork crown from ruining your Coastals's dye job on footjams

4. This highly functional seatstay brace decorates whose signature frame?

a) Eric B.

b) Rakim

c) Donald Trump

d) Jason Enns

e) This guy.

5. This shirt tells casual observers that:

a) You disassembled and painted your bike at an American Apparel, then stole the evidence.

b) Riding brakeless may cause your bike to explode.

c) It's Halloween, and you're dressed as a Dan's catalog.

d) "The four-cross pattern is ideal for evenly spreading any loads evenly over the sprocket itself in the event of an impact."*

e) Magazine publishers should stick to publishing magazines.

* Shockingly enough, when I re-checked the Federal website, they had fixed the copy, removing the first "evenly." Dare I take credit?


pinkySqueak said...

#3 == 1985!!! i never had one, but i remember people using them.

lotekrich said...

hahaha... Nice one. Poeple do love them footjams.

HAYTA said...

I actually think that shirt is cool.

Anonymous said...

motorcycle foot pegs are pretty fucking cool. that shirt is a huge turd.

todd from albe's said...

if i answer all the questions correctly do i win a date with Lori Loughlin?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

the prize for a 100% on the quiz is a night out with brooke destroys....

MortenV_Denmark said...

nice job on the sprocket story haha!

Like this blog alot!

regarding the buy local post from yesterday, which gives good sense.

Handmade products are the best(mostly), but there seem to be a lack of that in europe. so if you want to support your local brand, you would have to buy som taiwanese made product.
But on the otherhand, you can get some very cheap parts on sale, if weight is n't an issue, esp frames.

would like to own an american made frame though, but they are frickin expensive.
but if that new dirt bike isn't heafty on the dollar, I'll get one of those def!

good weekend!!!!!!!

Russ said...

There are no right or wrong answers. As far as you know.

Federal's Web Guy said...

Yeah you can take the credit for the change to the sprocket description on our site. Cheers for calling us out on that!

Stephen said...

Isn't that one item essentially a "Buff Guard"?

tim said...

hey man, thought you might wanna see this...


tim said...

shit nevermind, misled clothing on myspace... 3.8 lb frame...

Kurt Hohberger said...

Hey dude.. I figured we should get an interview with you about sprfls and you, for I don't know your email so hit me up at

I hope you get this!