Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bike Check (By Request)

Seeing that there has been some wonder in the comments section about my own ride, here it is:

FRAME: 21" Fit Edwin 2007 prototype
FORKS: Odyssey Race
BARS: Animal Bob Lite
STEM: Animal Jumpoff
CRANKS: Odyssey Wombolt, LHD, 175mm
PEDALS: Odyssey Jim C Mag (unsealed)*
SPROCKET: Terrible One American Flyer, 28t
FRONT WHEEL: Odyssey Hazard Lite/Vandero 2
REAR WHEEL: Odyssey Hazard Lite/LHD cassette, 10t
TIRES: Odyssey Plyte 2.1
PEGS: Odyssey Pleg (4)**
SEAT: Animal Cush
POST: Macneil
GRIPS: Animal Edwin
BAR ENDS: Odyssey Par Ends
CHAIN: KMC 510hx

* Actually, the pedals are currently black Twisted PCs (I know)...
** ...mostly because I'm running Plegs. Seemed silly to have plastic pegs and metal pedals. Still not used to grinding quietly.

MODS: Not much—I'm no Chase Gouin. Cut the seatpost, cut the steerer, that's it.

(I realize that the one photo is something of a cop-out—I meant to do a shot-for-shot match of the Fit S3.5 preview, but it just never happened.)


Anonymous said...

plastic pedals? fucking fag.

Anonymous said...

plastic pegs.
they dont grind they slide reminds me of inliners.

Anonymous said...

4 pegs what do you flatland ?

Anonymous said...

haha, you're running half the shit you bust on. i'm kinda disappointed. neon parts? plastic parts? and for some reason i pictured brakes on your ride. weak.

snakebite said...

coulda been worse coulda been better
can't knock ya

Si said...

I thought you'd have brakes too, dunno why, guess it's a shame when running a front brake and not doing 100% flatland can be seen as a sign of rebellion.

I love the anon criticisms on here, anon people; you aint got a leg to stand on if you don't have the balls to leave your name, whatcha scared of? Someone gonna come round your house and show you how to ride proper?

I like the plastic pegs, I run them too and I'm not too rough on them so the saved weight is great.

And as far as you "running half the shit you bust on" (anon wanker) I'd be more concerned if you spoke/busted on things you'd never tried. Keep up the good work mate, I well enjoy reading your stuff every day.
Cheers, Si

liam said...

whats the necro as band sticker on your frame? insamely hard to read, hahah but aren't they all....... oh and nice blog, good read.

Russ said...

Sticker is Darkthrone.

While I prefer metal pedals, PCs are $12, and I thought they'd go better with the Plegs. Which I'm not entirely sold on.

I've always run four pegs.

Anonymous said...

Do you live in New York or what? rockin the am:pm stickers etc. Do you hang out with Nigel and Edwin? Supa street rida! I though you would have brakes too. I love reading your blog, keep it up man.

Anonymous said...

Darkthrone? Insane Norwegian Black Metal Band?

You're a REAL BMX-rider, this blog gets better with every entry

Guav said...

Yeah, I gotta say I'm a bit surprised. I figured you run brakes, have a "regular" seatpost run way higher—hell, you don't even have a seatpost clamp!

Russ said...

That's about as low as I'd ever let my seat get. And I ditched brakes something like 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

he appears to have the right idea not supporting the cum up...good one russ.

Russ said...

Having looked at the photo (somehow it's different than looking at the bike itself), I think I do need to raise my seat a bit.

No Gary Ellis.

shea said...

what you fucking color blind? that shit's nasty.

Stephen said...

wow. when i think of a NYC bike, that is what i think of pretty much to the letter.

i put together a CDL v2 on monday and had it back apart by yesterday. 21.25 and 14" chainstays are too long. going back home to the Pantera 2. But she will look different. I have a plan.

i can't run with plastic pegs. loud pipes save lives, yo.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That bike looks like a piece of shit!

Russ said...

That's partially the point.

I've only had the Plegs on for a couple sessions. They're cool, but I can see myself going back to steel soon. The plastic pedals might have to go, too. Much like Gene Simmons, I love it loud.

Old F said...

Bike's just under 50% bikeguido. And it's very ugly.

Carry on.

Boston George said...

it's kinda hard to not make a trendy bike now a days... all the parts are weird colors or have special features.

4 pegs 4 lyf!