Thursday, May 8, 2008

Get Better, Alex Platt

Nothing snarky today, I fear.

News came through yesterday that street shredder Alex Platt went down hard in Barcelona and was put into a medically induced coma. This was the latest update from Julien Inorreta:

"To reassure everyone about Alex Platt you will find a nonexhaustive medical bulletin every day on Julien Myspace.

After visiting Alex (at this moment only familly are accepted)
Medical source said issue is favorable beter than yesterday but Alex will stay 24 at 48 hours more in artificial coma.

History: After a simple and normal training in Saria aera in border of the Barcelona City on May06 aroud 16:30 (local time) with Julien Alex fell on its back the head has very seriously knocked the ground. After receiving the first help from doctors the (TAC or in US the ACT or scanners) detected a very serious oxypital fracture of +- 8 cm (or 32 in (US)). Medical source said the patient is in a very serious state. For this reason they have decide to put Alex Platt on artificial coma during a minimum of 24 hours till they receive a positive brain reaction with minder pression."

You can check the aforementioned Myspace page for updates. Hopefully he comes out of this OK with nothing worse than some exorbitant medical bills and a gnarly story. Thoughts are with him.


Anonymous said...

get well Alex

pdxbmx said...

Fuck Alex, get well man.

Brien said...

right up there with sean burns when it comes to jumping down ridiculous shit. hope everything works out for him.

ronan said...

Unfortunately these kind of injuries involve serious mental impairment afterwards. Sufferers often have to re-learn walking, talking and other things we take for granted. Read Toby Forte's interview on 4down for more on living with head injuries (
Serious stuff

brien said...

the whole thing sounds reminiscent of jimmy levan's injury.

Smitty said...

It does sound reminicent of Levan, and as well all know, Levan was on a skateboard - ironically... But it is also too similar to Gary Young's injury of last year, and Toby Forte and how many other kids and Pros that I don't know.

But yet pros riding street for a photo shoot or a video part won't wear a helmet - no matter how many stairs they are railing, or how big the gap.

Clearly the reason they don't slap on a brain bucket is because they don't want to be seen as being pussy. It's time we change that.

I would really rather have Sean Burns and Jimmy Levan around, riding, than any alternative scenario you could imagine after they brain themselves "one more time"

Protect yourself people.

iDEATH said...

Love from the 413 for Al.

tim said...

a fractured skull and a week in the hospital (not being able to recognize people as well) is the reason i wear a lid now..

anyone catch the news story about the kid in vancouver WA. that hit his head? kids riding the next day at the same park didn't even have helmets.. what the fuck does it take?