Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Quiz

1. This bike was custom-built for:

a) Manute Bol

b) Clyde

c) a Hell's Angel wannabe

d) Eddie Cleveland

2. Dyno released these vulcanized Vans Era copies back in the late '80s. What phrase best describes the re-return of vulcanized shoes to BMX?

a) Tidy Bowl, gung-ho pro, Starsky with the gumsole.

b) The only thing we have to fear is, fear itself.

c) Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

d) I had a horrible nightmare. I dreamed that I went... back in time. It was terrible.

3. These pedals:

a) make crankflips impossible

b) should have a goldfish in them

c) are Wonder Woman's signature, um, colorway

d) are available in various prescriptions from your local Pearle Vision

4. This seat is most offensive to:
a) aficionados of '60s horror movies

b) fans of '50s horror comics

c) the religious right

d) people who can see

5. This massive seatpost clamp weighs:

a) 23 grams

b) o.6 ounces

c) 647 grains

d) Who gives a fuck?


Aaron said...

"people who can see"


Those Odyssey pedals are pretty rad though, I bought some for my wife's mountain bike.

Anonymous said...

Are those the new Loteks?

Anonymous said...

Damn hating on lotek... And eddie c. And odyssey. 3 of the better things in BMX in the last 10 years. Live "free"style of die.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i'm crying so bad right now because i'm laughing too hard

"Eddie Cleveland" BEST SHIT i've heard all year

Odyssey and Lotek are some of the best things... Eddie Cleveland isn't anything special, just somebody for all the 13 year olds to copy, Garret Reynolds rides like Eddie Cleveland on steroids

Anonymous said...

You are completly right Garret does ride like him on steroids... Riding like a bodybuilder/jock is not a good thing imao.

Anonymous said...

haha Roid Rage... just what BMX could use.

Anonymous said...

I think he refers to the riding itself, garret reynolds is shaped like a twig

Anonymous said...

*golf clap*

Anonymous said...

your comments about tww are so shank they make me feel stupid

lotekrich said...

I used to write dyno on the sides of my keds when I was a kid...

Anonymous said...

now you write Lotek on Vans

Stephen said...

This post rules.

I have to go watch that Mike Meister clip to remind me that BMX isn't gay as fuck. There are glimmers of hope.

Fuck plastic pedals.

Russ said...

I actually don't hate plastic pedals--or Eddie Cleveland or vulcanized shoes. Bike check soon, ha.

Anonymous said...

little know fact. Russ rides an Eddie Clevland frame with plastic handlebars,stem,pedals,pegs,barends,seat,post and brakes.

Anonymous said...

I ride unicycle. LITEWAAIT!@