Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Quiz

1. This shirt was designed by:

a) Ralph Steadman for "Fear and Loathing in Wal*Mart"

b) Christian Slater for "Gleaming The Cube"

c) a streetwear company in 1996

d) a surfwear company in 1988

e) a BMX company last week

2. Superstar only made 35 of these stems. Why?

a) that's how many people run topload stems in 2008

b) that's how many people in the US have heard of Superstar

c) it's easier to sell a generic product when you call it "limited edition"

d) they ran out of green dye after making a dozen too many Easter eggs

e) they needed to use the lathe to cut Pivotal seatposts in half

3. This ACS stem was designed in the early '90s. It failed spectacularly because:

a) BMX discovered the Aheadset

b) it wasn't designed by George French

c) the cutting-edge design failed to account for handlebar use

d) you couldn't run it inverted

e) they never actually produced it, it was just an elaborate April Fool's joke

4. These wooden BSD sprockets were produced for the following reason:

a) oak is way lighter than 6061 or 7075

b) wooden sprockets and chains don't harm pool coping

c) to upstage Mosh's woodgrain products

d) as trophies for an event

e) because destroying Earth's natural habitat and making it unsuitable for human life is the only way we're ever going to get rid of Kenan Harkin and Rick Thorne

5. Snafu's new 34.1 ounce UL Race Forks have huge cutouts in the dropouts. Why?

a) weight savings

b) a space for a proprietary safety washer

c) welding is hard

d) to embarass the smaller holes in the Pitchfork XLT

e) McGoo missed his old Redline


Stephen said...

While ridding the Earth of oxygen would take care of the "Thorne/Harkin Issue", there may be a safer way to go about this...well, safer from a "humanity saving" perspective.

Send them the SNAFU forks. IT'S SO SIMPLE.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"3.... It failed spectacularly because:...."

f. It failed spectacularly.

Robert said...

You need to make these real pole questions! It would make it so much more fun.

tim said...

gleaming the cube...haha


Wooden sprockets can be burned to warm up your hands(once you break 'em after a trick)Probably,specifically made for riders that lives in places like Iceland and that cant afford SMIRNOFF.

Anonymous said...

Iceland isn't that cold.


Thats true.Only San Francisco during the summer(word to Mark Twain) and Minnesota are colder.