Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Quiz

1. This hollow-pin, hollow plate Mechanik chain (now available to match the Statue of Liberty!) saves how much weight over the conventional Shadow half-link chain?

a) 6 ounces

b) 4.5 ounces

c) 3.5 ounces

d) 2.5 ounces

e) 1.5 ounces

2. The new Primo Nate Williams seat differs from all the other slim Pivotal seats already on the market how?

a) it's lighter

b) it's stronger

c) it utilizes an entirely new shape

d) it's made by Primo

3. Tony Neyer's signature Skyline bars from Sputnic have an externally-butted crossbar for what reason?

a) weight savings, duh

b) external butting is cheaper than internal butting

c) aerodynamics

d) it looks cool

e) makes it easier to keep your Play crossbar pad centered

4. These new ultra-machined Premium pedals are so thin that the spindle actually bulges out of the center. If you ride street, they should last:

a) a year

b) a month

c) a week

d) a day

e) 11 minutes

5) Including all models and colors, Mankind offers how many different seats?

a) 3

b) 6

c) 9

d) 14

e) 18


Anonymous said...

1. 3.5 oz is a lot to save on a chain and how much weaker could it be than the already super weak Shadow chain? Mechanix = Gay, Painted chains = Gay but even Shadow is on the paint it tip. See how that chain looks in a couple of weeks.

Charles said...

Um, I think it might be more clever if you set up these questions so that it actually shows the correct answer. Not like it isn't funny or pertinent, or critical that we know how many ugly seats Mankind makes, but not knowing the actual number is kinda dissapointing. I don't want to waste my valuable time (ha!) looking for the answer although I suppose I should just guess that it's eighteen.

Keep up the great work!

Russ said...

Yes, I should figure out a way to do that. Was going to put a lot more links in the answers, but I was so late already.

In most cases, the correct answer is E. Today was D, D, E, C, E.

VxD said...

I don't know what your options are with posting these entries, but adding alternate text to the images could be a solution to giving an answer where a real answer exists or adding sub-commentary for those questions where the question itself is the commentary.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to mankind's site (kind of forgot about them when my dig subscription ended) but i went to see how many seats they make. christ.

Stephen said...

i had a play cross bar pad. blue.

i had the top tube pad but the padding was too small to wrap around the top tube of my STA.

Russ said...

Mankind the wrestler > Mankind the BMX company. And Play pads fucking rule.

todd from albe's said...

you think all the brands and color options are a bit excessive? try to decide which ones to stock (when a lot of the stuff seems to be the same part with a different logo on it). nothing more depressing than having a couple hundred thousand dollars in inventory and still having less than half the products on the market, huh?

Boston George said...

shadow chains are not week. they are preety good actually. the 1st one was a break master... it was poppin and droppin all over the place.

the v2 is good.

Anonymous said...

Them pedals are so nice !!!! I want them!!!

Mankind = shit @ everything

Primo seat = lush

Anonymous said...


don't forget the less than and greater than signs on each end.

my word verification says "phildo."

mangler said...

3.) E! fuck yeah!

i also ate chinese food with hal brindley today.