Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Can I just say I found it quite funny that, in the first segment of the first day of Interbike videos on RIDE, the first product introduced was a fixed gear complete? Apparently Subrosa will be joining Volume and FBM in the fixed gear market. Which is all well and good, 'cause company owners gotta eat, and one would presume the margins are better on big-wheeled bikes. That said, the first product shown? Come on.

What else did we learn from the first-day videos? (Hopefully I'll get photos of some of this stuff for tomorrow—at which point I'll be happy to discuss it all further):

  • Fit is making plastic pedals.
  • They're also giving Dakota Roche a signature frame (which makes...six signature frames? Seven including the Lurch?)
  • Sunday will be offering a cruiser frame and fork. (They're not alone—WTP and Subrosa already had cruisers in their respective lines, and Macneil will be offering a rather lovely complete 26" looptail cruiser straight out of 1981.)
  • Sunday has also added a trails frame, which will be waveless and feature "normal" 5mm dropouts. If it's lighter, I guarantee people will be riding it as a street frame.
  • Aside from the fixed gear, Subrosa will be offering a Kryptonite-esque chain lock. Oh yeah, they'll also be making some BMX bikes and stuff.
  • The 2-Hip Anniversary Pork is just plain crazy (and Ron uses all-caps more than I do, damn). I'm not quite sure who's going to buy it.
  • Although I guess retro is in, as Subrosa is doing that bashguard bike as well as a mag-wheeled 20", Haro is offering an update of the original '82 Freestyler, and Sunday's Second Wave colors are based on bikes from Haro's '87 line.

Lots of colors now, too. Almost too many. In fact, it reminds me of the days immediately before the dark days, when damn near every mailorder part listing was followed by the cryptic notation "R-B-Y-BK-W-O-L-GR-GY-BB." (That specific string was for Tuff Wheels in July 1987, by the way.)

Anyways, there will be much more tomorrow. I'm not sure whether I'd be way more on top of things if I was there or not. Maybe the exact opposite.


I'm kind of hoping someone spots a worse complete than this, but at the same time I'm not sure whether I could handle it. Meet the Bully Impulse:

I mean, seriously, why even bother? Other than the tiny gearing and the small dropouts, this thing looks like a time traveller from 1998. It's even got the chainstay dimple for a 44-tooth sprocket (and what looks like a 65-degree headtube). I almost wish I had a kid so I could not buy him this.



Stephen said...

I have a kid...I'll not buy this for him in your name.


Anonymous said...

Edwin, dehart, cleveland, hawk, van, atkin, lurch, the dakota frames makes 8 not 5.

Lord Seth said...

"I almost wish I had a kid so I could not buy him this."
I think I am going to beat the curve and go ahead and paint my bike all black.
At least in a year I can say "I told you so."

Russ said...

Pretty sure they stopped making the Van. However, I did manage to forget the Hawk (duh) and the Aitken (DUH). I'm changing it to seven and firing my fact-checker.


Anonymous said...

What is the meaning behind the tag "Amanda"?

Anonymous said...


Kyle I said...

Don't quit your day job for fucking sure.

If you don't know that, I don't want to know you.

ben said...

Maybe i can get into the fixed gear market when noone can sell any of these bikes...errr.....or get it 2nd hand off craigslist for ten dollars.

Fuck i haven't watched DQYDJ in so long.

jmy said...

I'm sad to say that I'm not very impressed with the stuff I've seen from interbike 2008 so far.
Mostly new colorways and nothing really mindbogglingly cool (so far, I hope).

wade said...

I don't think I'd buy the Pork25, but I'd ride it. It would be a good retirement / pose bike for cruising around on. It's fun that it looks like a freestyle bike - pink, mags, seat clamp. I have new 13t graphite mags on my 1996 PK Ripper with all new MacNeil parts, and it is a fun bike to ride to the park on days where I don't feel like doing anything stunty on my modern bike. And, although still as heavy as Alex Triple Wall 48s, the graphite mags are way stiffer than normal tuffs and feel fine to ride. Plus, mags still look better. And appearance is important to the kids.
18 months ago, the teenagers didn't understand the KHE / MKS graphite pedals on my bike. Now PC pedals are all that matters. Don't count out the mag wheel. Dumber things have come back from the past.

Anonymous said...

Saw Jim C. describe the Sunday cruiser frame. It's made to ride. Serious geo. No one else makes that. (Well, Ambiente does, but the exchange rate makes their frames about $800 U.S., which is crazy.) Buying one, day one.

Macneil's big bike is poser garbage. They'll sell a hundred times as many. Gah.

wade said...

I've ridden the MacNeil cruiser. It is a fine cruising / transportation machine. I fail to see the pose in that.
Jay has been put out to stud after years of body abuse. And now he wants a comfy cruiser to ride around Stanley park in Vancouver. And after 30 years of BMX, wouldn't you want your cruiser to have a BMX flavour?
Now that the modern BMX is a tool for stunts (maybe a toy?) and not also as functional for transportation, maybe it's OK to have a separate bike for getting around? And, as above, a second BMX for combining the chilling with the BMXing?
(that's right, we all need three bikes now)

Smitty said...

All those Fit signature frames...where's the Foster frame?

Anonymous said...

^^lurch frame is foster/inman collab

skidmark said...

The Haro Freestyler just needs a skinwall tire in front and a plastic seat...and a coasterbrake! Does it have a built-in coasterbrake arm mount? Is it "modern geometry" or is the front triangle too short and the rear triangle too long.

The Bully looks like a Magna.

turtle dick said...

it's painful to watch fat tony in front of a camera. they couldn't find ANYONE better than the guy that puts it on the internet?

Sunday! said...

Hey the trails frame has a 14 inch rear end so it will not be the street riders frame of choice.

The cruiser frame is our experiment, we don't even know if it will come out yet. It doesn't have the traditional low bottom bracket like other cruisers. We wanted to have an enlarged version of what we already ride. We haven't even ridden it, so who knows if it will work. Actually we will know if we like it in a few hours!

Anonymous said...

Ron W... a bit like the Rick Ta Life of BMX