Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blue Falcon, Orange Cranks, and Green Clovers

Working on something longer for tomorrow (here's a hint), so just some quick hits today, I fear.


The latest entry for "What Does A Real Bike Look Like?," courtesy of the Blue Falcon:

I particularly like the inverted frontload drop stem with high-rise bars and a spacer underneath. Time for a new Fit topload stem? Also please note the visible seatpost, big dirt front tire, metal pedals and dress-unfriendly standover height. BFF!


Hey look, a new Profile color. No way!

Still somewhat surprised that Profile keeps banging out new colors of the Race Cranks without trying a bigger, hollow spindle or a two-piece design or something. While I do respect the "if it ain't (that) broke, don't fix it" mentality, I also think there would be a huge market for a Profile crank that's stronger than the Race but not quite as massively overbuilt as the SS/DJ. American-made, 22mm, 48-spline chromoly cranks? How could they miss?


If you ever wanted to knock off your own Pivotal setup, here's your chance. Or at least you can see how many patents are involved. From an interview Tunney did with Darcy at Macneil. (I would love to know how much revenue the Pivotal patents bring in annually—not that anyone will ever tell me. Bastards.)


Ben Ward at Odyssey sent me this along with my monthly check (kidding!)—that's a gen-you-wine SPRFLS sticker on the bike rack in front of the PDX's own Goods. Holla. (I'm gonna get more made soon, promise.)


Finally, how could something right be so wrong? Don't get me wrong, it's totally awesome that Vans gave Tobias Wicke a signature shoe, especially since they seem to be hard to come by these days (signature shoes for BMXers, not Vans).

But a full-length visible airbag on a pair of Vans? For serious? It's like Ian MacKaye rocking a fauxhawk or a vintage Ferrari with spinners or Metallica...well, doing pretty much everything they did after 1990. Come on Vans, you're better than that! Leave the gimmicky nonsense for companies like DC, please.



ben said...

I can't place the song just yet..brain not working to full potential.

But those shoes look comfortable at least.

Stephen said...

Mike Aitken- Wide Awake Nightmare

Fucking stoked on the look of BF's bike. Makes me want to go home and tinker a bit with the set up.


300 bucks for the limited ed. orange cranks?If its that,man,bring the krylons........

Russ said...

Nah, the $300 is for the limited edition first-gen replica cranks. Pretty sure the orange ones are priced like regular Profiles.

signalbmx.com said...

hey russ i work at a print shop out here in the PDX we do all good shirts and stickers lets get this shit going im into all your shirt designs you made that have popped up over the last few weeks kwscreenprinting.com

Mat said...

who needs a beefyer profile crank?
they are a nice weight and size
i tweaked my spindle this year but i'm not worried about the arms
19mm love. but a nicer 22mm version would be nice. but i love how the tree sprocket works with the 19mm spindle.

all the colors are nonsense the only one i liked was bass boat green

u sure bf's pedals are metal?
i almost thought they were plastic

looking forward to tomorrow's post

Mat said...

oh and those shoes, i think they look real nice, granted the air bag possibly will blow out. but i cant remember seeing an air bag that big from vans before, other than nasty's shoe?

it'll be interesting to see how much they cost

Anonymous said...

Ians brother on the steps

argh said...

it's a shame those shoes are so fugly, because i like tobias and i need new shoes. sorry buddy, i can't support this abomination.

Anonymous said...

my bike


Anonymous said...

my bike a bit too real


Drew K said...

My bike is set up like BF's, I couldnt be more happy. Mike Aitken- Wide awake nightmare. I know someones said it already but I just want to ansewer it, im never fast enough!

Anonymous said...

I'll tell ya how they could miss: Splines. They are just not up to being twisted one way, then the other, with big long levers.

Anonymous said...

Airbag in the sole is a good thing. Ride with a pair and you'll understand.

Russ said...

Air cushioning is great. Big visible airbags suck.

youaintno said...

Wu Tang Clan aint nothin to fuck with. Bitches.

Anonymous said...



gob said...

Decloaking for a hot minute:

You know why companies "redesign" their products? Because the first design broke in sufficient numbers that if they didn't fix the design, someone was going to get hurt and sue them. Or they'd get a reputation for making shitty parts. Both are obviously bad for business.

Profile's cranks haven't changed externally for years because there's no reason to change them. We were QBP's number one selling BMX crank for 2007-8. We get emails all the time from people saying "I've had a set of your cranks for 8 years now, they're still awesome, you guys rule."

Sure, sometimes they get broken. Everyone else's cranks break too. Cranks go through too much not to break, if you're riding at the bleeding edge of the sport. The reality is that at most 10-15% of riders are actually riding at that level. For the rest, their cranks will last virtually forever.

Under the orange or green or black paint, or even under the chrome plating, we've used many different types of tubing, looking for the ideal blend of weight and strength, usually by varying the wall thickness of the tubing. We make similar internal changes to our hubs all the time. There's just not enough of a change to get all dramatic and create a whole new ad campaign to show off our new True Temper catalogue number xp-47b tube set or the redesigned pawl pockets on our hub drivers. Who really gives a shit about that stuff?

As far as making 2 piece cranks or a 22mm spindle goes, the oversized spindle is more likely to happen at some point than the 2-piece. Obviously, a total redesign of our signature product is a big deal, and there would have to be a significant improvement in performance as well as profit margin for us to completely replace the Race crank design.

As you are aware, I usually put polls on our site to pick the limited color cranks, so while I limit the options somewhat, they are still chosen by our customers, so don't blame us if they don't appeal to you.

love the blog...

gob- Profile Racing

recloaking back to anonymity...

youaintno said...

I've had the same pair of Profiles for 7 years. I can't complain.