Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trailer Park

Under the weather today and never really got it together. Can I have an Interbike hangover even though I didn't go to Interbike? Not to mention those Snafu pegs deserve another day in the sun. I suppose I should have gotten one of these.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, please watch the new S&M video trailer. And the Kink trailer. Of course neither of those can compete with this.


EDIT: Since the original GG Allin video didn't work, here's a rather fantastic extra of him being interviewed on Jerry Springer.

And heck, one more, with Jane Whitney (whoever that is). Two parts:

OK, what the hell, Morton Downey, Jr, too:


asdf rider said...


i need more of the daily product hate you always provide!!! gimme gimme gimme

Bailey said...

It says the video is no longer available, but thee little preview picture looked like GG Allen. "Dont talk to me", from Marvins part in s&m please kill me?

Russ said...

That's what I get for stockpiling video links and not re-checking them before I post. Alas.

But yes, that would be it.

Hang on.

Anonymous said...

Life Suks Scum Fuk

Colin said...

The only thing superfluous lately are the excuses introducing each weak-ass posting.

Did you know that Lakai, a skate shoe company, was (is) more than a year late on their supposedly epic film, "The Final Frame?" So, they are throwing in a 60-minute "documentary" that documents why it was so late! A 60 minute excuse. And Tunney (or another Dig blogger) called this video "10 years ahead of BMX videos." What!?

Colin said...


That's, "The Final Flare" from Lakai. Apparently I'm 10 years behind in using copy+paste!

Anonymous said...

Colin, Tunney isn't the only one who thinks that. tons of others do and months ago Glenn PP Milligan put something on youtube about it.


A lot of our classic videos don't look good at all. Albert St, Seek & Destroy, etc. Albert St. was released the same year as Nowhere Fast and it seems like it's only recently that we have videos like Grounded, SOBP and Electronical that are catching up to what Parrick did almost ten years ago.

should bmx videos not be held to the same level as skate videos? we wouldn't have that question if bmx videos weren't perceived as not having something skate vidoes have in comparison. people like Glenn and others bring up things about video quality and angles is something that should be important. save lower quality filming for web videos (even after Federal dropped the Paris and Cologne vids that are way better than 99% of web vids anyway).

Anonymous said...

but the weird part is that isn't to say that all videos have to be epic masterpieces. if Metal's Dead Bang was anything but what it is it wouldn't be half as good.

things can just look better.

Dario said...



Anonymous said...

the skate video vs. bmx video argument has been around for a long time. but something to think about is that skateboarding companies have $100,000's of dollar bills to make the flick. bmx videos seem a little more D.I.Y. in comparison for good reason. when major bmx brands like kink, fit, fbm, and stolen....well maybe not stolen...are being sold in major department stores creating mass revenue for said company, i just dont see bmx videos being on the epic side of the visual presentation.

i think people are also expecting bmx videos to be way more epic these days as far as the production aspect goes because they are released so few and far between. kids are expecting more than what the older riders used to expect out of a video "back in the day."

you can use all the special effects, green screen shots, high-def, 3-d, or any of that other shit in your video if you want. but i am more stoked on just watching some dudes ride bikes. saftey first needs to hurry the fuck up and come out already!!!

josh said...

Nice catch Dario! SPRFLS gets props!

Noel said...

When is that amazing video of the repeated feeble grind coming out on DVD? The split screen section blew me away.

Rob D said...

Russ I've been here for every post and this is the first site I check when surfin' the interwebs, but if you let this site die you're all homo'er than Adam22 without the possibility of no homo.

Colin said...

Well, proper videos have to be "epic" in the days of daily DIY web-edits. People won't plunk down $15 - $25 bucks if it's something they could pull together in a day on watchbmx.com.

I think Lakai's video will be epic and will be up to the hype and could have a 10-year lead in production quality when compared to BMX. I just think it's hilarious that they added time to the release to put together this 60-minute excuse (or explanation).

Russ said...

colin: I'm sorry to be wasting your time with my weak-ass postings. In the future I promise to try harder. Just for you. If you're still not satisfied, you're entitled to a full refund at any time.

rob d: Combination Inter(net)bike fatigue and a fun upper respiratory infection. Apologies. Or maybe I just suck as badly as colin thinks I do.

Russ said...

Wait, didn't Lakai put a video out less than a year ago? "Fully Flared"? Which was supposedly epic and had multiple full-length parts from every pro? Or am I going insane? (Don't answer that.)

Was that the "excuse" video?

Michael said...

Remember this one Russ?
It actually has 2 answers


Colin said...

Wow, Russ, I thought you'd take it more light-hearted than that (maybe you did/are?) I lurk here daily and saw an opportunity to talk shit AND segue into the 60-minute-exused Lakai "10 years ahead of BMX videos" video.

Anyway, you could be right about Lakai and Fully Flared. I don't follow skateboarding too closely, but I only recently found out about the Lakai video from the post on digbmx.com. Maybe this new one with the "60-minute excuse" is a re-release. It does say "Deluxe Bonus Edition" on the trailer, and is slated for November this year.