Monday, August 11, 2008

Over My Head

I spotted this Harry Main KHE complete on the Pijin blog last night, then traced the image URL (wow, am I interwebz savvy) to this Nike 6.0 "insider" blog post. Not sure where the 3.1 pound frame weight came from, unless Mark spoke to someone directly, because I couldn't find much about the bike on the horrifically designed KHE website (would a news link up top be too much to ask?). Harry does mention it in his Ride UK 20 questions interview, but only that the complete is going to weigh under 21 pounds (and that his first riding memory is from 2002—ouch). Anyway, yeah, photo:

Harry's a 17-year old, and this bike looks like is was designed for one. Light, bright, steep, low-slung, with big bars (I presume they're KHE's Centaur bar/stem combo), the new one-piece seat/post (the pedal looks almost bigger than the seat) and, of course, KHE tires. Basically it's every current trend in one easy-to-buy package that you should be able to find at Tailwhips 'R' Us. Blech.

I know the kid can do 720s and 900s and stuff (only because I looked at the 6.0 and KHE sites, since before last night I'd never even heard of him), but I still find it funny that a 17-year-old is getting a signature complete. Wouldn't it be best to wait just in case he decides to quit riding and take up autocrossing or Wii golf or heavy drinking? He is really good for being 17, though—does young Harry have a lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead?


Simple is putting out a production frame with that shaved-headtube thing that Sunday's been testing on prototypes. Hmm.


Gonna do something new for a while. Every day I'm going to post one Youtube video of a video/live performance of a song that was used in a BMX video. Guess which video (and which rider's part) and you win the right to be proud of yourself for the day.

Some will be easy, some won't be. We'll start with...well, you tell me.


marsi said...

the song is from the terrible one video!

Stubbs said...

Props best of something in the late ninties and the T1 vid bru!

Stephen said...

I can pretty much see Joe carving through that snake run and then blasting a massive one footer every time I hear that song.

Sweet as.

Also, did Hoffman ever have a signature Haro complete?

Russ said...

Hell no. Mike Dominguez had his name on the Sport chainstay in 1985 when he was 17 or so, though.

james said...

I thought signature parts was a marketing stratergy that got kids to buy their favourite riders gear
in the vain hope that a bit of skill / style / "the look" would rub off on them (e.g aitken)

whats the point of signature parts for someone no one has heard of?
I can phone tiawan and get some stuff made up, and stick my name on it, but no one is going to buy it because it has my name attached ? I suck !

Mark Westlake said...

Hey Russ, thanks for the link again!

Information was sourced from quite a few people on *cough*Bikeguide*cough* which is why I gave the post the tongue in cheek title :)

Mark Westlake said...

"James" - Harry's pretty well known in the UK and Europe? Saw him ride at the Masters and he did some amazing stuff to be fair. Way more style and control than virtually anyone else who was riding, and he seems to be a decent person too which is a bonus (Especially in comp park riding, where it's even rarer...).

I still need to get a copy of You Get What You Get.

Russ said...

And I guess KHE isn't selling that many completes in the States anyway. Still, it seems like it's the equivalent of Mirraco making a signature complete for Spinner.

*holds breath*

Oh, and no problem, Mark. Keep up the good work over there.

Mark Westlake said...

Bearing in mind they've just released their "Fashionable" bar pad, it really wouldn't surprise me if there were some Spinner signature stuff in the works. Just think of the graphics possibilities!

james said...

dont get me wrong im not saying that anyone does or does not deserve signature stuff

just seems that everyone who owns a bmx has their own line of parts these days

brien said...

did anyone catch Lino's interview in the new Dig? had some really interesting comments on the pro/am debate in bmx.

buckass said...

this is also one of the more recent FBM videos.

Russ said...

There's a pro/am debate?

j0e said...

Yeah, that Lino interview was one of the best pieces I've read in a while. I also recall United keeping Nathan Williams off the pro team until he had put in enough work to be considered a "pro" (whatever that means). Seems like a good strategy to me. I hate to say it, but I kinda like that bike (minus the top tube angle and seat) because it just seems to be such an improvement over the shit completes that were available when I was young. I remember paying like, $600 for a Redline that didn't even have 3 piece cranks, and having my color options limited to chrome I just appreciate all the money that's in bmx these days, and how it helps kids get started on something that isn't complete shit (I mean, they have to be kids in this shitty time, why not let 'em have a cool bike).

Anonymous said...

Yuck to the Simple Stuff. That star cutout in the caps looks naff.

And what's with all the cutesy Sunday references? "New Weaver", and "It's the new wave for the old school"...Could just be coincidences, but like Russ pointed out they've got a frame with a shaved head tube which Sunday has been publicizing for a long time now.


Russ said...

I guess it was easier to figure out who was pro and who wasn't when everyone rode in contests. That said, if you're paid to ride your bike, you're a pro, right? At least by my definition.

Agreed that the general quality level of completes is terrific—and that pretty much anyone could ride an out-of-the-box "pro" bike. And it's amazing that so many companies offer brakeless completes. Never imagined that ever happening.

Not sure how I feel about the Simple stuff. Nothing I'd be interested in riding, but that doesn't mean much.

Anonymous said...

Mark nash is gay !!!!!

Anonymous said...

shaved headtube? what do you mean?

Anonymous said...

I've heard of Harry Main, and I'm from Australia :o

Anon 8:03: Google sunday shaved headtube

Anonymous said...

These new bikes look like late '80s "expert" race bikes.

If you put the seat up a fist, that looks just like the bike I raced in about '88, a CW with a super-low top tube. I doubt that frame weighed much more than three pounds. It was flimsy, even for a kid.

I ran 8"x28" bars and a plastic seat/post, too.

I didn't know how cool I was.

waesa said...

At least they didn't put their revolutionary internal gyro on it. That little bike would look as front heavy as a buffalo with a refrigerator taped on its face.

Eastern Boarder - Natick said...

Jawbreaker - Boxcar

Joe Rich

T1 Video, "You Get What You Get."


Anonymous said...

Jawbreaker for the win!

Colby said...

it was also in one of the fbm vids, i forget exactly which.
"1234 who's punk whats the score?"