Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Quiz (featuring Farside)

I feel remiss for skipping last Friday entirely (not to mention Thursday), so you all deserve a decent quiz today. Maybe—just maybe—I'll post something over the weekend, too. Just to try and catch up. Anyway, on with the show.

1. It's hard to look threatening when you a) appear to have highlights in your hair, b) are wearing professionally worn-in jeans, and c) are recognized universally as more or less the nicest guy ever. However, one has to give Chris Doyle credit for trying as he brandishes his Demolition signature fork.

Which iconic image should they have tried to duplicate instead?

a) Malcolm X

b) Dirty Harry

c) Reservoir Dogs (with, perhaps, Brian Castillo)

d) John Rambo

e) Tony Montana

2. The UK's Segment Clothing made this shirt as a response to the "STREETS IS TALKING" shirt Fit made a while back:

Which discipline can we expect to respond next and how?





3. This bike is:

a) Eddie Cleveland's fault.

b) The subject of Bikeguide's Bike Check of the Week.

c) A mass-market complete.

d) Your ticket to instant cool with just a swipe of a major credit card.

e) Most of the above.

4. There are big bars, there are bigger bars, and there are Solid's Roseanne Bars. Nine inches high and 32 inches wide, you won't find bigger bars unless you make them yourself. Assuming a little wider than shoulder width is about right, who are these bars designed for?

a) Andre the Giant

b) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

c) Sasquatch

d) Micah Kranz

e) Duh

5. Colony's new plastic pedals differ from all the other plastic pedals already on the market how?

a) Since they're Australian, they spin in the opposite direction of pedals from the Northern hemisphere.

b) They have black endcaps instead of white or red.

c) They say "Colony" on them.

d) They look like they should come stock on an $80 complete.

e) Absolutely nothing.

6. These stunning platform pedals are available from Bike Nashbar for the low, low price of $39.99:

What's the worst thing about them?

a) They only have three strings.

b) They're not available in 1/2".

c) They're not painted to look like Eddie Van Halen's guitar.

d) They don't offer a Dimebag Darrell version.

e) They exist.

7. This Nike Olympic trucker hat is supposed to be for the BMX team. You can buy one of your very own from Dan's for just $23.99:

If you were to buy one and wear it around, what percentage of people would look at it and think "oh, BMX"?

a) 22

b) 14

c) 9

d) 2

e) 0


And now for something completely different. The audio isn't the best, but it's still worth it. Farside playing some New Jersey college in 1995. Wish I was there.

(Doyle made me think of them, so thank—or blame—him.)


Anonymous said...


james said...

answers :
e) but mount an m203 on the leg
e) thecomeup is Anonymously dissing
e) look at it shine
e) not that she would ever exercise
e) not a) coriolis doesnt affect such small things as pedals / toliets / sinks
e) ugh
e) wtf

so eeeeeee i guess

Anonymous said...

farside was rad back then.. bring back 95

Stephen said...

manuals is butt jutting.

Stephen said...

also, does anyone know what is up with t1? a friend at the park last night said that they were done, but i had heard that they were possibly looking at getting some stuff made overseas or some such...

Anonymous said...

I run those Solid bars. I'm 6'5" and I weigh like, 225 lbz. I can't help the fact that I'm huge any more than I can help the fact that I love bmx, so maybe those bars are made espescially for me...or possibly Neil Harrington. I'm just saying, I like them because they fit my height correctly (along with my 22.25" Solid frame). As for all the 5'6" kids with pipe cleaner arms and stripped seats that are running them at the Plesanton park, Fuck You, That's Why.

Aaron said...

"the comeup is anonymously dissing"


t.f.a. said...

i'm conducting a poll to see what my opinion is about this stuff. i'll let you know how i feel about it when the results are in.

brian said...

will this count for the flatland shirt?

Aaron said...


"Flatland is lisping"

To play on the old stereotype...

ryan said...

i haven't heard farside since road fools 9. awesome.

peglessEBCo said...

I had to draw a dean guitar on a cake yesterday at work. I had never seen one before. Then today I told some other guy I work with that I had to draw it and he told me about Dimebag using one. Interesting.....

a said...

farside was so sick. good looks

micah k. said...

long time listener, first time caller, great topic, love the show. thanks for the shout out.

Russ said...


I wish I'd come up with "ANONYMOUS IS HATING" before making this topic. Someone should definitely do that shirt. Maybe me.

peglessEBCo said...

I made an "i got spun" shirt for secret santa.. maybe next time i'll make the "anonymous is hating" thing.

Anonymous said...

I can't for the life of me comprehend the Castillo link to RD. Please help :<

Anonymous said...

official SPRFLS shirt has to be the "anon. is hating" logo. so apropriate.

and i'm not posting my name on this
because it's ironic

Jake said...

t-1 is only getting better. they're going to make the ruben frame in tiawan because many people outside of the us like the t-1 frames but don't have money to buy them. there's an interview with joe rich up somewhere...i read it yesterday
oh yeah
there's a link on assblasters, that's right
is it true that taj is legally insane?
russ tell me

Stephen said...

Thanks for posting that up. That's awesome.

tom/empire said...

Joe went to Taiwan and was very impressed by the technology, quality control, and end product. all else being equal, i'm sure he'd love to get everything made in the USA, but that just isn't feasible any more. with material and labor costs, you can't really offer large quantities of USA-made frames, forks, or bars at a reasonable price without doing it yourself. S&M, Solid, and FBM do it, but it can be a struggle even with all the tools. Joe is the shit and Taj is as crazy as ever (in a good way)

Loop said...

"Shipping and import duties add a lot to the already higher cost of an American made frame."

Outside of the US, USA made franes are much less of an equal competitor. I've raised this point here before but remember in the UK at least, the price you pay in dollars we pay in pounds.

I'm not going to deny that inmany cases the quality of a USA produced frame is higher but that improvement is not enough to make me want to shell out a third of the price again on top of a new frame (I hope that makes sense).

Drew K said...

Monty Python reference! Yes!

Anonymous said...

I asked Doyle at the Belmar and he said he was checking to make sure they were straight as a joke on the directors