Saturday, August 30, 2008

Laptop Check

• 2003 (?) Apple iBook G4
• Airport Extreme card
• Iomega 250 gig (I think) external drive
• HP Deskjet D4160 color printer
• MODS: Stickers all over top, 2/3 of the letters worn off the keyboard (which is in desperate need of a cleaning). Haven't drilled any holes in it yet, but never say never. It also needs more memory badly. And a new battery.

Say hi if you see me typing in a Starbucks.

I suppose I should really have a SPRFLS sticker on there. Here. One of these days.


CONFESSION: I was at Dah Shop today, and was really tempted to pick up a pair of those translucent Animal pedals. Either purple or charcoal. Maybe even green. Talk me out of it, please. (I've also been contemplating trying a pair of 28"x8" bars just to see what it would feel like. Gonna wind up on Intervention sooner or later.) Then again I also want a set of Animal OG pegs and a 30-tooth sprocket.


Went to a bar last night. OK, two bars. Fine, it was three.

At the last stop of the night, the bartender turned off the jukebox in the middle of Motörhead's "(We Are) The Road Crew" in order to play some horrible '80s pop from (presumably) her iPod. Unforgivable. What made it worse was I actually had three more songs lined up in the juke after that (Metallica's "Disposable Heroes," Ozzy's "Suicide Solution" and something else). I briefly considered taking action, but fuck it, it was 3 a.m. Instead I just finished my PBR and rode 30 blocks home in the pouring rain. My seat should be dry by Christmas.

Anyway, at the second bar (Iggy's on Ludlow), I heard this for the first time in a while, so I had to find it on YouTube. Damn song still gives me chills:

(They actually played the OG Kim Wilde version last night, but I have to come BMX correct.)


VxD said...

Nike? S E L L O U T.

I hope Nike is paying you overtime to post on a Saturday (and a holiday Saturday, no less).

Anonymous said...

big bars are the way to go. i fid they put less stress on my body overall since the whole stance of the upper body is more stable/spread out

Anonymous said...

Big bars , and plastic pedals !! Get them!!!!!!!!
and get rid eof your pedals!

aaron said...

you can try animal pc's, why not?
they are cheap if you don't know like them you can throw them in the bin.
i mean you tried something different, that's good.
and if loads of people are running pc's then they must be good.
taste the fuzz;)

aaron from holland

Anonymous said...

Kids in America by Lawnmower Deth was set to Dave Osatos + mixed section on an old Backyard video. Way before this tripe came out.

Anonymous said...

kim shattuck = all time greatest crush evarr!

lawnmower deth were shite - i know!

Anonymous said...

bicycle union sticker on the laptop-a rare one too!

mike.m. said...

song is from style cats, it's killing me that i cant remember which section. and i have no vcr, but the tape is sitting next to me.

standard need to do a dvd boxed set!

Stephen said...

Kids in America = Joe Rich's sort of part in Style Cats. He shared it with someone, right?

I never knew Russ had an Apple. Stoked.

Get the bars. Fuck the pedals.

DBZ said...

Joe Rich and Keith Gower, I think.

Psyched one of my stickers is on there.

Anonymous said...

Keith Gower is the only person who has ever made one handed manuals look cool in any way...

Russ said...

Barspin to deck manual on vert still gets me all excited.

pdxbmx said...

Especially on the "Joe Rich" Green bike.

Russ said...

I would kill for that frame.

bobby p said...


Anonymous said...

28" might feel too wide, but not by much. I was too lazy to cut my last set, but not too lazy to order long grips and over-the-end barends. Worked. My hands went where they needed to go.

Forumphs feel like big small bars, so if you've gotten used to typical 24-26"s, they'd probably make the transition easiest for you.
Do it.