Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pivotal Discussion

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"Hey, didn't Odyssey say they'd never make a Pivotal seat?"
"I don't know whether they said never. Seemed pretty unlikely, though."
"Man, that's so weak."
"But wait, it's a totally new base. And they offer a pre-stripped version. Kids'll be psyched on that."
"Yeah, whatever. Sellouts!"
"Still, the plastic ones look better than any Macneil or Animal with the padding ripped off."
"Yeah, whatever. Why are you rationalizing so much? You're a sellout, too."
"Look, I just can't hate on any seat with a lightning bolt on it."
"SEEEEELLLLLLOOOUUUUT. How much are they paying you to say this?"
"Man, it's just a Pivotal version of one of their existing designs. At least it's not another fashionably re-covered Velo. And at least they're not offering yet another re-branded stump post."
"Yeah, I'd assume they'll do a post eventually. Wouldn't want the team riders to be running another company's product."
"Why do you do that all the time?"
"Assume. You're wrong half the time, ya fuckin' moron."
"I don't know. Old habits die hard, I guess."
"You're still a moron. Well, let's see you defend the Odyssey Pivotal post. What are they gonna do to make it different from the 25 of them already out there?"
"No idea. Maybe they'll put a pump in it or something."
"Right. Like Odyssey would ever do something like that."
"Oh well. Guess we'll just have to wait and see."


Just in case you're wondering whether the concept for the new Fit Hawk x Empire was a new one in BMX, the answer is an emphatic no:

Hutch did it 20-odd years ago.

Still pretty cool, though.


When I saw the photo of Joe Simon's new Cosmotron, it reminded me of something. Maybe it's just me?


I've always loved this song.


EDIT: Thanks to Jim Bauer for coming through with the Aerator image.


Anonymous said...

Your blog needs to be wider, and should have more holes in it.

uni seats here kids!!! said...

Cinderella? I saw these fools with Bon Jovi and Poison in like 87'. Instead of making a pivotal, why don't these fools just make all the seats like the old UNI one piece. I tore my ball sack on my neighbors trying to ride a wheelie in the grass. No joke!!!! It was in the summer and when my balls sweated, they stung like I had lit charcoal in my shorts. Ahh, those were the days. Mirra seat for life bitch!!!

mike.m. said...

the cosmotron is mat roe's frame, not simons.

cinderella from jim.c's part in the first kink vid [?]

Russ said...

Matt Roe's frame, but it's Joe Simon's bike. If I read correctly.

tom/empire said...

futuristic black Hutch Trick Star. i sweated one of those at the local shop when i was a little dude. i doubt Chase or Adam Roye (they picked the color together) have ever seen a Trick Star, much less one in that color, but it's a cool coincidence. us older dudes here have been reminiscing fondly about Hutch sweetness. John Yull still has one

Anonymous said...

I wish odyssey didn't pick they gayest seat they make as their first pivotal. It looks like the rabbit extension thing on some vibrators and you can tear the cover with your fingernails.

brian said...

good thing anonymous compared the odyssey pivotal with a new base to a sex toy. after all, someone needs to help out those limp, gonzo-dicked rebranded pivotals.

VxD said...

anon first post = awesome

mad max/dave young said...

fbm should release a newer version of the angel of death just with mid bb and int headtube and make it half the gay price of snms dirtbike.
blog about it
or an updated pork would be sweet too

how about fbm release a sig frame for vic ayala but since he hasnt been seen for a while it will be the signature of the ghost of vic ayala
and call it the strange in reference to "all time low"

ps drunk

Russ said...

I'd like to see what a company (preferably not 2Hip) could do with aluminum.

FBM did do a couple of new AODs, but never put them into full production. Sigh.

rich said...

they have an old angel of death a bike shop by me, brand new

Anonymous said...

If one of you short nibblers wants to risk it, there's a 19+" TT, 13+" CS aluminum Intruder frame on sale at Dan's for $80.

It's like a Hamilton...pretty much.

And it's slightly less likely to fail catastrophically than plastic pedals and pegs are.

Do it.

Anonymous said...

you won't?

Andy said...
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Andy said...

i want one of those aerators for my road bike. seriously, if anyone has one/ know's where to get one, jumpplane @ i'll buy it.

Mexican John said...

whats the deal with running a huge tire on the back? Running one on the front makes the bike sluggish enough on concrete why run 2?

brien said...

c'mon JPR, I know you're reading this. Tell Dave to get that jig figured out and get those 10th anniversary AOD's together.

Josh said...

I like the fact that Odyssey is jumping into the bloated pivotal seat market. I'm sick of the Velo-pan seat and the shape of the Senior II is great. A kevlar version won't be far behind once the initial run is bought up. Hell, I might buy one of the plastic versions just for old-times sake (I had a bike in the mid-80's that came stock with a seat that looked like a wiffle ball [white plastic with 20-30 dime sized holes in it]). If anyone remembers who made those seats post it.

TributeBMX said...

I'd ride an AOD right now.

Stephen said...

Goddamn...that Hutch looks bad ass.

josh said...

Speaking of FBM, I called them up the other day to ask if they still had the ability to make the greatest 4-piece bar of all time, the "dinner box bars." I was told that while they still have the jig, they no longer carry the tubing?! What, you no longer have any chromoly in the shop? Weak!

Anonymous said...

"What, you no longer have any chromoly in the shop? Weak!"

What, you didn't know? We are making all that shit we keep posting pictures of and shipping all over the world out of playdough.

Mark Westlake said...

"I'd like to see what a company (preferably not 2Hip) could do with aluminum." I wouldn't. Bearing in mind the stresses that BMX frames are put through, and the way that aluminium fatigues cumulatively, I'd prefer the longevity (Well, there's not so much of that in most frames anyway...) of steel compared to aluminium. Steel also has that bit more give in it so it'd be a bit weird riding a stiffer frame too. Undoubtedly you could make a pretty light, relatively strong bike, but I'm not sure it's the direction things should be going in. I can also see that if it did go down that line, yet more CNCing would come into play, driving costs up even higher, which can only be a bad thing.

On the plus side, at least with this thing that Odyssey said they "weren't going to do", they didn't create another company to hide it was them ;-)

brien said...

from what I can recall:
FBM's 2-piece bars aren't made in house. I guess the 4 pieces were made in house as they don't need the more extreme bends that 2-pieces do. No one was buying, so they didn't need to order the tubing.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Russ said...

Trust me, I don't want to see ALL BMX frames made out of aluminum. But if the Pork weighed in at 5.3 pounds (I think) with massively oversized everything, I'd be curious what could be done today. Mirraco already offer 16" and 18" aluminum completes—it's a short step to a 20". Everyone who grew up lusting after PK Rippers would be psyched.

Anonymous said...

There's this crazy new thing going on with BMX bikes called "racing." It's nuts, they even ride futuristic looking lightweight aluminum frames. The dudes riding them launch 30 foot long jumps at high speeds and appear to be hulking muscular men weighing over 200lbs.

Russ said...

Yes, but all of those—what did you call them?—"racing" bikes have v-brake mounts and long rear ends and hydroformed tubing and terribly gaudy paintjobs and whatnot. I'm talking about a trails/light street specific aluminum bike. Even just as a design exercise.

But I'm sure you knew that. Ballbreaker.

Anonymous said...

Put aside the fact that they look like rocket ships, which isn't a bad thing for a race bike, you could use the hydroform tube shenanigans mixed with extruded yokes and all that crap to maybe, possibly make a non-heinous looking "strong" frame. Look are GT's crazy ass race frame, there's some serious shit going on there. BF raced, jumped and rode trails on an aluminum Schwinn for years.

Anonymous said...


wade said...

The V-Brake mounts on my 1996 PK Ripper are removable. Way ahead, or, again, is the "evolution" of BMX frames always behind?
This same aluminum frame has a 20.5" top tube, a 14" rear (slammed). It probably weighs under 4 lbs. And 12 years ago, I rode it as my main ramp bike for awhile. Still straight. Still looks mean. And still is the coolest BMX frame of all time.
Mind you, I didn't let Osato ride it. And I only ride it when I'm not really going to ride now. And it is hobbled by tuff wheels.

Russ said...

Mat Hoffman rode a PK on vert after he left Haro but before he started Hoffman.