Friday, August 22, 2008

(Late) Friday Quiz

Um, it's still Friday, isn't it? Maybe this is just a shameless way to increase my weekend readership. Either that or I'm just slow. One of the two.

Anyway, on with the Friday quiz.

1. This new Demolition shirt is a nod to my main man Mr. Spock. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the first BMX shirt to reference Star Trek.

Other TV shows they considered as inspiration were:

a) Mork & Mindy

b) BJ and the Bear

c) My Two Dads

d) Perfect Strangers

e) Battlestar Galactica

2. Streetwear company Animal designed this exclusive New Era hat specifically for the Australian market. There are only 300 of them. You can only buy one if:

a) You know what Vegemite is.

b) You have a bigger knife than anyone on your block.

c) Your bed is on fire.

d) You have two front wheels and no chain.

3. The Mutiny Cosmotron has removable brake mounts and a non-removable seatpost:

This is like:

a) A car with welded-on gas cap and removable steering wheel.

b) A house with permanent screen windows and detachable living room.

c) A 7-11 with locks on the door.

d) Rain on your wedding day.

4. These new stems are made by:

a) Fit

b) Premium

c) Hoffman

d) Coalition

e) There's a difference?

5. What is this?

a) The walls of a roller rink circa 1984.

b) A visual representation of the newest Gatorade flavors.

c) The new Odyssey grips.

d) A close-up from the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing.

6. These are Nathan Williams's signature bars from United. They're 29" wide stock, but he cuts his down to 27".
This is sort of like:

a) Getting a signature drop stem and running it upside down with eight spacers.

b) Riding brakeless and getting a signature frame with gyro tabs.

c) Riding brakeless and getting a signature brake lever.

d) Coming up with your own nickname and then getting mad when people refer to you by it.


Totally forgot the video. My bad.


Stephen said...

i bought some paul b bars and without measuring at all, i cut them down to 27 inches on the fucking button.

that has nothing to do with anything.

i am thinking of a battlestar galactica inspired frame called the "frakker".

Anonymous said...

wow, not many comments today. nut yeah, the nathan williams bar thing is pretty freakin stupid. goes to show you that companys really are just following a trend when when a riders own signature bar doesn't even match the specs he rides. god, who starts these stupid trends!? addicted to this blog btw

Anonymous said...

Hey stephen, wouldn't you have to measure your bars to know that they weren't 27 inches wide in the first place??

andre´ said...

Nowhere Fast !!! how long will it take dave parrick to bring out his dvd-box?
a) till the format dvd doesn't exist anymore
b) forever
c) isn't he dead?
d) who is dave parrick? (for the come up-kid)
e) he is watching it everyday and won't share it

Stephen said...

anon when you buy bars from empire, they tell you how wide they are...right there on the website.

it's wild.

mat said...

dave young nowhere fast!
god that is a good part.
intro to square one wide awake nightmare

rich said...

about the nathan williams bars, aaron ross does the same thing, the bars come in 27 or something like that and he cuts them to 26

and i may be wrong but i think scotty cranmer's sig frame (sheriff) comes in only 21 and 20.5 tt sizes but scotty rides a 20. im predicting eddie cleveland will get signature pegs next

Russ said...

Apparently posting at midnight on a Friday does not increase traffic.

*makes note*

mike.m. said...

people are too busy drinking / hungover to write anything worthwhile... give it a day or so for recovery.

Michael said...

Look Russ a non slammable seat post. This might almost make up for the Strand forks. Haha

Michael said...

sorry its this one

Stephen said...


Primo should call that thing the "Overkill".

Fuck yeah.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too fussed about bars being wider than the rider's preference. Cut 'em to suit, ya know?

Anonymous said...

andre´ said...

Nowhere Fast !!! how long will it take dave parrick to bring out his dvd-box?

f) until he finds a dodgy enough duplicator to make those dvd's because there's no way he's ever gonna get the music on there cleared.

Anonymous said...

i hear that dude matt at kink fucking LOVVVVES STAR TREK. fucking loves it.

brien said...

macneil's had that shit on lock for a while:

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with star trek.

Milkster said...

Aha, did s&m ever make a "next generation" shirt to go with the frame?
Would that not count as a star trek reference? Feel free to disagree.

Russ said...

I hereby declare the late Friday quiz to be an outright failure.