Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Quiz

I've never been happier to post a quiz, mainly because it gets that Odyssey slideshow thing off of my mission statement. The nerve! I suppose if I were more web-savvy, I could have found a way to run it smaller. Then again, if I were truly more web savvy, I wouldn't be using a stock Blogspot template to begin with. OK, that's enough use of the word 'savvy' for one day, I think. On with the show.

1. Yarr mateys, this be the new KHE Astern freecoaster:

Kudos for the nautical-themed name (I need to run one on me Black Pearl), but boo for coming up with a name that can be easily confused with the name of another bike company. What were the other names KHE considered?

a) Unday

b) It

c) Acneil

d) Utiny

e) BM

2. Standard's prototype topload stem has the top bearing cover for the headset built right in. With an internal headset and a fork with a built-in race, all you need is bearings.

What sort of problems does this present?

a) You can't run that cool carbon topcap.

b) You can't run your stem inverted.

c) You can't run 17 spacers with your Sky Highs.

d) All of the above.

3. This is the Primo 330 Pivotal seatpost.

Why would you ever want such a long post?

a) To use as a weapon when cornered.

b) You can keep your weed in it.

c) As a reinforcement for Grim Reapered seattubes.

d) To raise the seat on your Killorado to the height of a regular slammed seat.

e) Haha, there's no way that's a real product.

4. What is this?

a) One of those things they bolt into your bones if you break one really badly.

b) A septum piercing.

c) The newest Skull Candy headphones.

d) Blue.

e) I have no idea.

5. Remember when the Fit Edwin was the only frame you could buy stock with no 990 mounts? Now seemingly every company offers a brakeless complete (with CPSC-mandated caliper brake)—even MirraTrek is joining in for '09 with one of their own.
Who makes the above bit of instant street cred?

a) Verde

b) Kink

c) FBM

d) Fit

e) We The People

BONUS QUESTION: Who's better at t-shirt design?

a) Me.

b) Primo

How the hell is it the end of summer already?


wade said...

MacNeil has had their 330mm post out for quite a while, and I have three of them. If you think about it, it is the only pivotal post that is necessary, as it can be cut to any length. As such, ALL OTHER pivotal posts are sprfls. Every single one. Plus, the Macneil one proudly has the "330" logo so you can flaunt it in the face of all others, as long as you are willing to run about an inch of visible seatpost.
Also, what is the point of a colored seatpost that is slammed?

tim said...


vanilla ice! hahaha

can't name the song or part though, i suck

Russ said...

wade: But if you're going to run your seat slammed anyway, that's a waste of a hell of a lot of aluminum. That said, I'd consider getting a 27.2 one for my MTB.

wade said...

Indeed, I concede your point: a waste of material. So, to honor the aluminum, we must run our seats up high and proud. Or, conversely, eliminate this waste by running Ian Schwartz-ish frames (no wasted aluminum).
I even have figured a way to put my 25.4 330 post on my 22.2 PK Ripper.

Anonymous said...

Flatlanders like long posts

SolidDuke69 said...

I apparently drunk dialed you lastnight, sorry about that need to come out for happy hour.

Griph said...

mixed section with chris doyle in ride's turbulence, and its samiam song sunshine. BAM!

Anonymous said...

colored/slammed posts are like worrying about the color of Odyssey rim bands

Anonymous said...

That Primo shirt is some real shit.

Aaron said...

Blackman signature Primo shirt?

Anonymous said...

Mile High Post Club......;..

Anonymous said...

Flatlanders like long posts, but the upward/twisting pressures they put on their seats make pivotals a bad idea.

Eventually, someone will come out with one that isn't disposable crap. Maybe Odyssey's will be all right. It looks slightly better than the rest.

Messing up the you-need-a-new-seat-after-every-session pivotal sales strategy probably violates the license, though.

Russ said...

I'm a little disappointed I haven't been inundated by multi-million dollar offers from the fashion industry yet.

*taps foot*

N.E. Man said...

I hate the phrase "street cred" in bmx. FBM is the most bad ass company out of all the ones that were listed there. But what is wrong with a seat post with guts anyways?

Anonymous said...

sick stem, finally something new from standard.

Anonymous said...

yeah, that stem is cool as shit.

Anonymous said...

Ride - Turbulence and a Road Fools?

Anonymous said...

kudos to standard that stem looks dialed as hell.

Stephen said...

standard bikes is the aging beauty queen of bmx.