Friday, August 15, 2008


Just from checking BMXfeed compulsively on an hourly basis (more often than it gets updated, I think), I've noticed there have been quite a few polls in BMX lately. Profile asked what limited color you all want to see next—personally, I couldn't decide between "waiting room beige" and "vulva pink"—and Orchid posted a bingo-card like offering of former models and (gulp) colorways for potential re-issue in recognition of their fifth anniversary:

My reaction to that one was swift: Orchid has been around for five years?

Polls have been part of BMX forever, of course—from reader polls to NORA Cup voting. I think I may have even voted for Greg Hill and Mike Dominguez once. And if I didn't, I definitely meant to. This recent rash of polling made me think: why don't more companies look for direct input? Instead of telling us what we want, why don't they ask us? I've come up with poll suggestions for a variety of companies. Some are too late, but others could still do some good.

EASTERN: What part of our frames should we cut full of holes next?
a) Downtube
b) Toptube
c) Seatstays
d) Whatever Kyle Busch thinks is best

S&M: Should we destroy the 21" Stricker by lowering the toptube and eliminating the anchor brace?
a) Yes
b) No
Additional question: What country's flag should we wrap around our stems next?
a) Canada
b) France
c) China
d) Angola
Odyssey/G-Sport: What part should George French entirely re-imagine?
a) Headset
b) Handlebars
c) Grips
d) Bolt-on framestanding platforms
Fly: Should we keep re-inventing the bottom bracket?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Dude
Terrible One: Should we manufacture the Barcode overseas?
a) Yes
b) No
c) You still make the Barcode?
Primo: Which rider should we kick off the team next?
a) Tony Neyer
b) Josh Stricker
c) E-Man
d) Someone who isn't even on the team yet
Additional question: Do you think Josh Stricker would ever run plastic pedals?
a) Hahaha
b) No, seriously, hahaha
Giant: 我們為什麼要作出為BMX自行車?
a) 為愛
b) 為錢
c) 為犬

Great song whether you know where it's from or not.


Russ said...

I totally forgot it was Friday. Maybe I'll do a quiz on Monday. Or tomorrow. Or as a bonus post today. Dammit.

jason.m said...

hopefully the new featured pages I added today will keep that complusive bmxfeed checking productive.

Anonymous said...

holy piss i forgot about anthem. wow.
come on stew. lets get it together. its reissue time

Chris A. said...

Wow, poking at Giant? That's a new one for you.

mat said...

good post!

Russ said...

Not as new as my poking at Eastern. I'm just hoping by typing in Chinese I get a couple billion more readers.

Anonymous said...

Russ spends most of his days aiming to poke a giant... oh snap!

Russ said...


james said...

god damn s&m for changing the stricker
thank god i just bought the taller one before they changed it :S
why is bmx alienating the taller riders who dont like low standover?
only like 3 frames left for us to choose from :(

Anonymous said...

SPRFLS: Would you guys rather eat
a. reef worms
b. pig intestines
c. Slim Jim!

Colby said...

last clip of home of the brave! best movie ever

Anonymous said...

ryan sher

rully said...

t.f.a. the ups logo on the right side bus is on backwards...

and yes i love you even more

Loop said...

"why is bmx alienating the taller riders who dont like low standover?
only like 3 frames left for us to choose from :("

Russ can you put together a post which details what normal frames there are left?

I admit I appreciated the change towards shorter chainstays and I like that there's plenty of choice out there regarding head tube angle or whether you want seatstay, chainstay or no brakes.

I'm glad that there are still people out there that make frames with wishbones (not that I'm into them myself). It's a little unfair to claim that every frame design is converging into one but the lower top tube is everywhere.

Personally I think it has less to do with tailwhips and more to do with the fact that the easiest way to make a frame lighter, without worrying about losing strength, is just to make it smaller.

james said...

ones that are any good ?

fit van
fit lurch
fly luna
metal rebelc
united 40
stricker but not in 21" and more :(

maybe 7 out of 93 on danscomp?

Loop said...

Right so if I want a 21" frame with chainstays shorter than 14" (which aren't full of holes) I'll have to get a Fly Luna.

todd from albe's said...

way to pay attention to the details, but i'm just glad we spelled "UPS" correctly.


Yo T.F.A.,this is an off topic,but,why federal 4 pcs bars arent available in USA?Or am i too dumb to find 'em?Inquiring minds wants to know...

todd from albe's said...

the Federal distro (Tip Plus) just got the 4pc. bars a couple days ago. they come in five colors and retail price is (if you can believe it) $89.95. at that price we're not too sure we're gonna stock it. it may just be a special order for now unless we notice a demand.


90 pieces for bars!Man,ill have to correct that post i made about them bars.....

Russ said...

$90?????? Man, I'm barely used to $60 bars.



Time to step in the bmx game.What about a limited run of SPRFLS bars sold by ALBES only?

Russ said...

Sounds complicated.

Although I'd love to get 8" rise, 26.5" wide "Scerbos" with 12 degrees of backsweep and 1 degree of upsweep. Flat black only. Or even just raw—screw paint.