Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Quiz

I'm overdue, am I not? Think I'll just empty the ol' SPRFLS Future image folder and see what comes up. Ready?

I thought so.

1. Point out the differences between these two stems:

(Answers at very end)

2. These UGP seats are designed in the style of legendary artist Jim Phillips from his Santa Cruz glory days. What are the chances Jim knows about this, um, homage?

a) Slim

b) None

3. These are the dropouts for the new Bulldog Illmatic frames. The first thing you notice are the:

a) Bulldog-shaped cutouts

b) Square stays

c) My First Welds

d) All of the above

4. Josh Stricker would just as soon run pink and/or purple plastic pedals as he would:

a) Spend all day sessioning a ledge at 2 mph

b) Drink O'Douls

c) Wear a dress to church

d) Go back to bleaching his hair and riding a Trek

5. Haro did the market research for this bike's, uh, colorway by asking people:

a) at Forever 21

b) at Kira Plastinina

c) at a Britney Spears concert

d) on Myspace

e) in a reader survey in CosmoGIRL!

6. Is this trick possible?

a) Yes

b) No

7. This is KHE's new brakeless-specific freecoaster wheel:

Oh fuck it, I can't even think of a question.



Answer to question No. 1: The top stem is white.


wade said...
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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have worked out what those cut outs were supposed to be had you not told me.

No idea on the song, but if you ever run out of 'em I'll be happy to oblige.

Anonymous said...

6) No. That was CGI right there. No curb, wasn't going fast enough and he wasn't padded up for death.

Anonymous said...

Not only is the stem white, it's a split cap, the other one isn't.

Si said...

on the endo Q you can hear the guy's front brake squeak when he pops it. Be a man, use a foot jam

stencil said...

Etnies- Mike Griffin, Terada, Emery, and Nate Hanson split?

Duncan said...

Foot jams are more "manly"? Someone better tell Freimuth when he nosepicks a pole 6 feet out...

Ty said...

Thanks for getting to that bulldog frame. I just saw Federal's new half heat-treated Hamilton online. I hope you said what out loud cuz I sure did.

Josh said...
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wade said...
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Lettusdude said...

I would never want to run a stupidly machined out stem or a wedge style stem. When I saw my friend crack his Demolition stem al the way through on the bottom where it holds the steertube yesterday, it only re-emphisized the fact that the extra 2 or 3 oz is worth it.

Dr. awesome said...

as far as the stricker pedal goes, i got called out pretty hard a few days back for asking companies to stop ruining bmx. this is proof! why would stricker even allow this product in his name? save us sprfls!


Dude.i gotta admit,im down for those squared stays........sorry.

wade said...

oops. My bad.
Jim it is. Roskopp was both right and wrong.

There is a Condor with a 1" Superfork, Love Handles and red prince Albert cranks about a kilometer from my house right now. Gorgeous. One red V monster, one GT logo tire.

Anonymous said...

"My first weld" looks like aluminum

Jason said...

nice Joan Diddon ref... awesome book...

nate said...

WTF, man?! I thought that the whole point of the Stricker pedals was that they shaved off like 8 oz from the original Primo Tenderizers but still maintained the buryly strength AND added versatility in the number and placement (and possibly height if you took a file to them) of pins you wanted to run.

My guesses are that
a) Primo wanted to jump on the plastic pedal bandwagon.

b) Josh is still getting paid, and runs whatever he wants on his own personal ride because he's rad. So he probably doesn't care if they start making plastic molds of his dick and bolting them to slammed pivotal posts?


c) This is just one more step towards the abyss, and we should all be afraid of what comes next.


Actually, if the UGP guys are reading this they might do well to follow my comment in b) and start up a Dirk Diggler line of pivotal seats. They could of course be covered in whatever crazy color of dickpaint they dream of in their obviously acid & peyote influenced design sessions. If they act now they might be able to churn something out by Christmas.


bill said...

the endo WAS doable. but not any more since front brakes became illegal.

I'm going to bring back the Kastan uni-blade fork. half the weight of even the lightest suicide-fork on the market now!

totally off topic; does anyone else think the new RideBmx site is a pain in the ass? We all get it, flashy flashy flashy. Now make it user friendly.

Lettusdude said...

Front brakes are awesome! I run front brakes on my ride every once in a while. I'd much rather do a no-footed nose pick on a quarter instead of just a regular boring foot jam. Like bill said, front brakes have become "illigal" in a sense. I get so much guff for riding a front brake. Ah well, I still ride one regardless.

Lettusdude said...

*Illegal. Oops haha...

Loop said...

As for the stems, after a cursory glance: the white one is by Hoffman and the black one by Nice/FBM?

shad said...

Wade is it the Condor with the flame graphics???
hit me back!

wade said...

Hey guy. The Condor is a Taiwan one, not the early American one with the flames (I had a few). It's painted flat black, has a 666 sticker on the headtube, and punk/metal studs coming out of both the front and rear (sidepull) brake mounts. Very 1995. Psyched. I hope I run in to the owner.
BTW, my last American Condor was a chrome one that was powdercoated by the Basic guys transparent green (so, green chrome). It's still in Montreal and in good shape.

bill said...

Russ, my earlier comment got me to thinking... Why not do a post on some BMX sites that are SPRFLS? Not so much the product, but the overall site design and functionality, and uselessness of the unthought out interactivity based on visuals alone.

My contribution is in my comment above.

meat said...

One of the stems has a small chamfer around the bar hole. What do i win?

Anonymous said...

Flash navigation is the welded-on fork pegs of the 2000s. In the future, we'll date this decade's "death of BMX" at the day Odyssey's site turned into a useless Flash-hole.

"My first weld" looks like aluminum

It's not. But in a way, it's not as bad as it looks. The average big-name American frame isn't welded any better; those flat surfaces just highlight the slop.

I like squared stays, for stiffness and the pure grotesqueness of the look, but no one does them well. We need a Gsport Tiger reissue to set shit right.

Matthew said...

the white stem is by Hoffman. The black stem is by Nice. The differences are subtle, almost inconsequential. Probably spat out in the same Taiwanese factory.
Can I have a cookie?

argh said...

i could see joshua stricker going to church in a dress. seems quite likely even.

ryan said...

Hoffman needs to just remake the bomberman.

Anonymous said...

the first stem has a different shaped front clamp. -^- instead of like --- if you get what i mean

jesus's butt hole said...

i just took a poop.