Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Let me see if I have this right. We spent 30 years—just in BMX history, mind you—going from this inferior design:

To this superior one:

So please explain why it makes sense to go from this:

To this?

Not to mention with the proliferation of LITEWAIT butted seat tubes in frames like this:

There's going to be a lot of this:


G. Edward Jones said...

I called the Animal seat post an answer to a question that no one was asking. Even if you're desperate to have the lightest, weakest bike out there I fail to see how a modified shafted stem mechanism would be lighter than a small, metal doughnut.

Seriously, I stand by my prediction that coaster brakes will be the new hotness on '09. Framestanders will come back in 2010.

Boston George said...

i hope rocket grinds come back.

for real.

jake said...

well the animal post is to simplify putting together your bike, so you don't have to carry another allen wrench around to take off one bolt, of which is nowhere else on your bike because you're brakeless. you can just use the 6 that you're using for your stem and your cranks and your front wheel. and since your seat is slammed, it doesn't have to be that strong to really matter. all you have to worry about is the seat spinning, really, but that's not going to happen because your seat is so slim that it wont matter at all.