Saturday, April 5, 2008

Holey. Shit.

I don't even know where to start.

The Fly rims are an 'update' (I suppose) of the old Mongoose Pro Class rims. Which were never that great to begin with.

The Macneil bars are fantastic as the holes are hidden under the grips so you have NO IDEA if they start to crack. Everything's great—and then death. Awesome. Even better, they're 'XLT', which means they're likely to snap even where they're NOT full of holes.

And the Grim Reaper frame just defies explanation. Ooh, it was designed by NASCAR engineers! What the fuck does that have to do with anything? What do NASCAR engineers know about BMX? Wouldn't they be better at determining aerodynamics and sticker placement? I wouldn't buy one if you, um, paid me.

Back in the day (BITD for short), random kids rode drilled-out everything because they weighed 67 pounds and no one was making stuff for that awkward stage between mini and expert. I specifically remember a BMX Action feature on this kid named "Chicken" George Seevers who had a Redline so drilled out that even the holes had holes drilled in them. I assume he's dead now.


Anonymous said...

NER, anytime you need a product pic please feel free to use the image from our site, like this Fly rim montage. This shit is pretty entertaining, well written and a good read. -Bob at Staff

Anonymous said...

when was the last time you broke a frame? I bet you could ride a Grim Reaper and have no problems with it.

give it a try, pussy.

Anonymous said...

Road bike builders, for whom weight has always been a prime consideration (as opposed to the six odd years for BMX), have never felt the need to drill holes in things. They just get the tubing diameters, lugs, and thickness / butting right. Sounds sensible, doesn't it?