Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mercyfully Late

So many good intentions today, so little follow-through:

My first thought was to write about the new-new S&M stuff that I mentioned yesterday, but I was waiting for an e-mail back from Chris Moeller. Anyway, that should be good to go for tomorrow.

My other brilliant idea was to do an FAQ (Fucking Annoying Questions), that will definitely happen, except I haven't started it yet. So that's going to have to wait. Maybe next Monday.

And there's another idea I've been kicking around for a semi-regular feature (kind of like the quiz), but I haven't started that either.

So, yeah.

Anyway, in the meantime, here's a photo of Chester Blacksmith's new WTP signature frame:

How is a hole in a toptube better than a seatpost clamp?

Of course, given the seat it has to hold, a little duct tape might do the job.

To make up for how late this was today, here's a great video on how to do a tailwhip:


tim said...

today i'm gonna teach you how to flick your hair out of your eyes every 10 seconds!

hahahahahahaha scooter kids

Drew K said...

I am really dissappointed in Chet. What happended man? You went from sayin in an interview that you only liked watchin people that had brakes ride, to takin yours off and having a shit sig frame with a useless built in clamp and fuckin useless holes cut in the drop outs. What happened Chet? :(

Anonymous said...

What fucking idiot couldnt do a tailwhip on a scooter?

jake said...

haha russ not much of a post today...

Russ said...

No, not at all. Gonna happen every once in a while with the whole daily update thing.

Anonymous said...

Wtp has every silly feature known in taiwan somewhere in their endless range of products. Maybe it was just bad luck for Chester that he ended up with a hole in his toptube.

james johnson jr. said...

I like to rock my scooter with some grand slam xlt's and a dld stem.

Russ said...

I can at least assure you all of two things:

1) The S&M stuff is fairly comprehensive, and will be posted tomorrow a.m. It also includes an amazing Dirt Bros video.

2) The FAQ has potential, I think. Questions that will be answered include:

"Do you even fucking ride?"

"How much does your bike weigh?"

"Can you do tailwhips?"

"Who the fuck do you think you are?"

Feel free to ask anything between now and Sunday, either in the comments or via e-mail. I'll post a reminder on Friday.

Si said...

I love WTP, really really love them and when I saw those frames a little part of me got all confused. A company I love (almost unconditionally) started doing weird shit (like animal's butted pegs and folding tires) - I mean hollow dropouts and a strawberry seatclamp (read gash in seat tube) on the Ashley Charles?
I'd happily ride both frames into the ground but then I don't get a free one when I break it. And that's the crux, I love a bit of weirdness but I can't take the risk of the weirdness not working/lasting properly, not with a mortgage to pay.

The development I'd like to see most in BMX is brakes that don't gash your thumb at the knuckle, as I'm sitting here with a hole in each thumb after my hands slipped on a stairs to flat. Probably the only times my thumbs are ok is when it rains for a week.
I've got the Odyssey M2, which has the bolt on the top and the under/thumb side smooth but you'll still gash if you land hard enough. I have ran ODI longnecks put on backwards to cover the brake a little but I can't get my hands on them now. I'm aware that probably only Chase Gouin cares.

Also these vids are cool
I wonder how long each flat frame lasted him?

Russ said...

I totally wanted a Federal Fraction for a while even though I'm six feet tall.

LOGAN ARMY said...

Just for the record, I made a frame 3 years ago with the dropout design that S&M are using (intended to be used with G-sport hubs). I filed the worldwide patent, got that shit approved and now i'm just waiting for this shit to hit the market and I'm issuing the C&D and taking those motherfuckers to court.

Cash money.


Anonymous said...

logan army:


daz. said...

for the FAQ -

'Can you do a backflip?'

'Do a bunnyhop'

'Pull a wheelie'

all said in a whiney voice.

Anonymous said...

"Why is your seat so high?"

Anonymous said...

"why are your bars so small?"

"why do you only have pegs on one side?"

"why does the top of your seat have a hole in it? (Pivotal)"

Stephen said...

"why do birds suddenly appear, every time that you are near?"

"do these pants make me look fat?"

Mark Westlake said...

I love WTP, really really love them and when I saw those frames a little part of me got all confused. A company I love (almost unconditionally) started doing weird shit (like animal's butted pegs and folding tires) - I mean hollow dropouts and a strawberry seatclamp (read gash in seat tube) on the Ashley Charles? In fairness to Animal, seeing as you mentioned them, I haven't had a single flat with my GLH-R. I've been running them since they came out in the UK, and despite it having chunks missing here and there due to glass/sharp stuff, it's still working fine. It really is a good tyre. I can't really comment on the pegs as I haven't run them, but I know a few people who do who also haven't had any hassle with them.

With regards the WTP frames though, I honestly doubt WTP would release these frames if they weren't totally happy with them, and if they haven't been tested considerably first. All the dudes at WTP seem to have their heads screwed on, so I doubt they'd just rush them out (Like certain other companies might, naming no names) and effectively use the customer as the test riders.

WTP also operate a Lifetime Warranty according to their site, so if it breaks as a result of something other than you destroying it yourself, you should be covered.

brien said...

Anyone who shits on folding tires is an idiot.

slodogg said...

Chet's bike is in our apt. It's nice. The brake mounts and cable routing are all removable so you can run em if you want. The seat post clamp works, it holds your seat, who gives a fuck. and if it didn't have holes in the dropouts you'd probably complain that it was too heavy.

Go tuck it.

keith said...

mortal combat!!!!!!!

pdxbmx said...

"I'm Sloo Doooog."

"Do maggots get drunk when they bury alcoholics?"

slodogg said...

love you ben and keith!

Si said...


Thanks for the heads up on the tires, I think I'll pick one up when I replace my Fit FAF for the front, I'll keep my ASM on the back - I'm in love with that tire! It just keeps going no matter how many abandoned syringes I ride over.

I do like animal as a company, even though I bent my animal bars - I'd given them a ton of abuse for almost a year. I just didn't really expect them to start cutting holes in things like pegs.

Brien, your concise argument has totally swung my opinion; thanks for that.

Russ, it's not worth it mate, you'd look

(Image 6)



bh said...

Sorry Logan, but I doubt that patent would stand. Probably not new or inventive. You could end up with s.70 proceedings against you and the patent getting challenged under s.72.evq