Friday, May 29, 2009

Half Links

• You might not be able to marry another dude in California, but you can sure buy a complete Killorado from Dan's Comp.

• Not sure what's more amazing—that Davey Watson has a new signature frame with a "$" in it when Enns already had this, or that ESPN thinks Federal sponsors a guy named "Dave Watts." (I'm sure it's just some inside joke that I don't get. Like the Shadow chain.)

• It's simply not possible to link to a Jason Levy section too many times.

• FBM has made their best custom frame yet.

• Brad McDonald's—I mean Brad Simms's—signature Hoffman frame, the B-RAD, is available now. Mid BB, removeable gyro tabs, cable guides and brake mounts (but an irremovable seatpost clamp. Jerks.).


Eff a new video, why ain't this at two million views yet? *makes bird noise*


JETT! said...

King Diamond requests his bike NOW!

albieish said...

That complete is a joke.
Although, they could have made it easier on the kids and put 9 inch rise bars on it already.

digahole said...

That FBM custom:
5lb 11oz, but still saving grams with the dropouts.

brien said...

I told johnny to do whatever he wants with the dropouts. I guess any sort of cutout is somewhat out of place, but fuck it. That thing is sweet. 10" standover get fucked

Vlad said...

Who is this Jason Levy? Does anyone know his story? Does he have a story to begin with? I first watched this clip a million years ago (more or less) and I was like... "Whateverin' dude... I'm throwing my computer and my bike through the window and afterwards I'm gonna go buy myself a nice little chessboard. Fuck Bmx." Seeing this again, after a long time, makes me want to reconsider not breaking my window the first time.

bman said...

man, those jason levy videos ruled so hard. there is the other one, with that cool acoustic song, which i preferred (despite having no 180 gunshot roofgaps)simply cos i thought that song was amazing.

took me forever to find the song. If theres one thing i hate, is when people dont credit the song they use in the video. it takes 10 secons to write "songname by "artist" in the right hand corner.

Russ said...

I can't believe a post comparing the Killorado to Prop 8 only got six comments. COME ON!

And don't go trying to appease me now, either. Hmph.