Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Byers Market

So ESPN/EXPN posted the first part of an interview they did with Jon Byers, one of the founders of Eastern Bikes and a one-time vert shredder. There's some interesting tidbits in there (Eastern was started with $3,000) and it's worth reading—but personally, I'm more interested in Part II, where Byers (and Leigh Ramsdell?) will discuss "where Eastern is going next, about slicing slots in seattubes, making mountainbikes, and pushing the boundaries of BMX technology in good directions."

Whoops, just threw up a little bit.

I hope Byers also explains why NASCAR engineers are qualified to design BMX frames that do more than go fast and turn left. And maybe he could also comment on Project Tank, which goes fast and doesn't really turn at all.


Anonymous said...

Eastern sucks.

Anonyomous is making fun of Eastern, again. said...

"No doubt, they're one of the few BMX companies helping push the technology envelope in new directions."

What kind of 'technology envelope' heve they actually pushed in new directions?
New kind of heat treatment and manufacturing process to make safer, reasonably lighter AND stronger welded ferrous alloy steel BMX parts?
Pushing innovative design principle that actually tries to solve inherent problems, weaknesses and drawbacks of the existing BMX components while still being functional, reasonably light and reasonably priced?

Eastern haven't pushed any technological envelopes since they started their company with that first shittily designed frame.

All they do is adopt inane ideas they probably conceived while they were taking a crap in the shitter and disingenuously market it to the lowest common denominator.

"it's safe to say that the Eastern crew generally likes to do things a little differently, and their products have always raised eyebrows."

A little differently, yes, because they always adopt ideas too stupid to be taken seriously by any other company. Those eyebrows were raised by amazement, yes, the amazement of how such stupidity can even be adopted into the design of BMX products.

But in all fairness, they apparently do well in pushing the 'stupidity envelope' of product designs.

Anonymous said...

Bias market?

Ohohoho Russ is at it again...

Anonymous said...

eastern are a bit fruity but you cant deny the random wrench v2 and the flight bag are both good products

Anonymous said...

it's a good thing both of those items are made by DK and not eastern then...

Stephen said...


Regarding the comment.

And the noise an eastern frame makes.

I guess I am bummed that Leigh is involved in that trainwreck.

Word verification: bustin

hal brindley said...

love them or not there's no denying that they have marketed themselves to make legions of little kids believe that it has the Eastern tag on it then it's gonna be lighter than any other brand...and most of those little kids will never have to worry about strength, anyway because long before they develope the skills to do a trick hard enough to break a part they will have either replaced the parts with the next "limited edition" color or more than likely spent all their money on a "snake board"

Anonymous said...

who gives a fuck about eastern?! better would be a nice post about projekt tank (and the explanation why the fck there aint no 4 pegs on the beauty lyk you promised russ..)

fck leigh.
fck eastern.
fck no 4 pegs on the tank.

traskVT said...

I don't really know what to think about Eastern at this point. On one hand, they DO have different looking frames, and at least they're going for it, but I know I'm not alone when I say there's no way you could pay me to ride one of those things. Too fuckin scary.

It IS nice to see something that isn't just like everything else out there (which occurs WAYYY too often, as you well know), but at the same time, is it worth it?

I can't see them lasting very long unless the gimmick crowd really hangs on or continues to grow (which wouldn't surprise me either). And shit, kids do seem to be totally bat shit crazy about weight these days, so maybe I'm completely wrong!??!

Russ said...

I'd be real stoked if that was the real Hal Brindley. Too bad he's probably too busy taking pictures of lions fighting alligators or something.

Nick Ferreira said...

BMX needs more Hal Brindley, whether that was the real one or not. Oh yeah thanks for the link Russ.

traskVT said...

I still have about 10 Play shirts in a box somewhere. Including the Toboggan 1 AND 2... dooooooooooope.

Anonymous said...

"I can't see them lasting very long unless the gimmick crowd really hangs on or continues to grow (which wouldn't surprise me either). And shit, kids do seem to be totally bat shit crazy about weight these days, so maybe I'm completely wrong!??!"

They've been in business since 1996. I think it'd be safe for you to assume you are completely wrong. And you have no clue how many complete bikes they sell.

G. Edward Jones, Jr. said...

NASCAR enginers probably know as much about BMX as drag mechanics do, to be fair. I'd also wager they know more about engineering than your average BMXer (not that there's much to designing a double diamond frame, I'd think). That being said, I think the holes are terrifying (even though I have 'em), the bi-directional hub was good and their new tubing looks promising.

And, yes, in a teeny way Easten helps keep the lights on at my house, but even before that I never got the incredible hate that they get. YMMV

Anonymous said...

if dk make them then eastern are really fucked.