Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Steve Crandall Has A Pos(seatpost)

As a fellow old guy, I can definitely identify with Steve Crandall's freshly built Exodus. There's the brake (which I haven't adopted yet), the super-fat front tire, and the exposed seatpost. (Just out of curiosity, I wonder what the average age of the Macneil 330 buyer is?) I was going to say the big bars too, but while big bars do seem to be favored by the over-30 set, they're also the bar of choice for 60-pound 12-year olds. Actually, the younger/smaller the rider, the BIGGER the bars, if anything. I'm still waiting for a company to produce a small run of 10x35" bars and immediately sell out of them.

In totally unrelated news, I've been unloading a mess of my vintage BMX goods, and I was sort of worried—what with the economy collapsing and all—that prices would start to drop. A year or two back, I sold a near-perfect Hutch Pro stem for somewhere around $300. Sold another one in an auction that ended yesterday. I guess I had nothing to worry about.


Best short video ever? A warning against running 36s? Fifteen seconds of wheel-destroying wonderfulness from Dave Young circa '96-97, as found on Metal.


trask said...

I've got that old Dave Young section from a "Kids In The Way" episode on vhs somewhere. I should dig that out. Somewhere in there he does this 3 story stair gap to flat, to double wheel taco. f'in brilliant.

nate said...

mmmmmmmmm. . . curmudgeonly. . .
I like it.

wade said...

As the owner of four MacNeil 330 posts, I would like to offer myself as data for your research. Age: 37.
Bonus data for cross reference:
herniated discs: 2
car?: no
kms per day: 20
Bar width: 25.5"
Bar height: 8"
Front tire width: "Mac 2"

digahole said...

your dx's arent doing so well. didn't you know that hutch stems are up, dx's are down. you should be buying that dx shit up, not selling it with the old school indices the way they are at the moment.

Stephen said...

I actually lowered my seat. Just a little. I'll be 34 in about a month, so I still have some trick dog shit I wanna get tried before the osteoporosis sets in.

Russ said...

The DX auction is young. Plus, I realized I'm probably never going to build an '85 Master with one-piece cranks. The stuff's nice to have, I guess,but it's just stuff. Eff it.

newrider3 said...

I'm sooo tempted to buy your Kashimax Aero seat and run it slammed on my wedge post just to irk you.