Thursday, April 16, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Not Different

Sometimes I think BMX is stuck in a rut. And it's times like that when I take a look at BMXfeed and realize that, yep, I'm totally right.

1) Hey, another new frontload stem. Ramp up the yawn. I'm a little disappointed that the first question wasn't "So how does it feel to be the 347th company to 'design' a frontload stem?" or "Did you consider just producing stickers to stick on someone else's frontload stem?" or "When can we expect the check for this blatant advertorial?"

2) Hey, another bike check. I'm way more excited by the helmet.

3) Hey, new SNAFU products. If color is an innovation, McGoo is a genius.

4) Hey, some old guy bitching about nothing. What a loser.



Jeremy said...

points for MF. is some of his best

Nick Ferreira said...

what the fuck 480 bucks! jesus. That's a grip of cash for basically nothing

Bailey said...


Nick Ferreira said...

Ooops I def commented on the wrong blog post. Either way 480 bucks for a hutch gooseneck is ridic!