Friday, July 3, 2009

Epic Failures

Wow. Did you'd ever think you'd see the day where a company released two pairs of bars and the 8.1 x 28s were the small pair? You can then fit them with some bright-ass Aaron Ross grips which will one day hopefully be wired up to a tiny horizontal screen in your crossbar so you can actually blog (or at least Twitter) and ride at the same time:

"Oh shit I hope I make this gap!"

"Didn't make it. Somebody please call ambulance."

Twitterjacks with Defgrips?

(Unrelated thought, why were Sushi Bars available in colors other than raw?)

Sorry. Seeing that it's about to be a holiday—and not just a holiday, but a holiday you typically celebrate by drinking to excess, blowing stuff up and cooking meat over open flames—focusing is not my strong point.

Until Monday. Happy Fourth.


Anonymous said...

Snafu + raw sea food joke = knee slapper

Anonymous said...

the scary thing is that big bars already sold out at dans.

Jerry From Poland said...

Wow... and failure seemed to be such a sane company but oh well... at least the super tall guy that's not tall enough for rosannes or wonder 90's has a perfect product for him.

ryan said...

Twitter, huh?

*never comes back*

Anonymous said...

Tall bars may be a trend now, but they've been needing to happen for a long time.

My Solid Roseanne 9"s go GREAT on a Macneil Deuce Deuce 22"tt bike.

I saw a vintage early/mid 80's Diamond Back yesterday with bars on it that looked to be 8.5" or more. This is not new, people.

Anonymous said...

Who ever said it was?

And the taller the bars, the harder it is to pull up. The wider the bars, the farther it is from the width of your shoulders, and the more your wrist is bent when landing.

The longer the bars the heavier they become to compensate (nothing of this sort is happening in the design because they need to be light) and the more leverage it has for bending and torsion in all directions making them fail quicker.

Ask any mailorders, bars are the highest number of parts people buy right now. Ask Todd from Albe's or Tom from Empire.

This is nothing but a trendy phase BMX is going trough so riders can replace and keep buying them.

Convenient for the bmx companies isn't it?

There IS a reasonable median for EVERYTHING, but people are just too stupid to see past their wide paper thin multiple butted bars.
Word: hanter

t.f.a. said...

yep, i'll confirm that it seems a lot of people tend to think that a new handlebar (in whatever size is trendy at that time) is gonna suddenly make that (insert name of whichever trick is trendy at the time here) easier to pull. and right behind handlebar sales comes grips which are a quick/cheap way for little kids to make their bike look different/custom.

Stephen said...

i buy up t1 grips at an alarming rate.

Anonymous said...

Leverage people! LEVERAGE! Wider bars feel lighter too. I need the leverage + lightnesness to pull hopswhips on a whim so if anyone have a problem with that they can suck my balls!

Meh my I change bars more often than I change my Odi longnecks. As long the bars look cool and give me street points I don't care if the bars are going to snap on me!

My freedom, my choice, my money go and choke on a healthy penis!

word: entalyte

Anonymous said...

y'all stop complaining about bars being big!

BMX bars were always this size. Now with gyro's disapearing and people riding flush frontloads (as opposed to 'gooseneck' stems that would raise your bars at least 2" back in the day) bars are bound to become bigger... were just coming out of a small bar trend.

...of course you don't know that... you guys were born in the 90's.

Cru Jones said...

I just come back for the tags and random links... funny shit

I Have a Healthy Dick said...

"My freedom, my choice, my money go and choke on a healthy penis!"

If that is so then it is also our freedom of choice to bitch about them.

Go back to your much needed flaccid dick sucking endeavours.

Word: diummica

bman said...

finally some big bars with some up different sweeps. my wrists will thank failure.

i may actually get some of the 8.755 affairs when my lumberjacks die.

just out of interest, is the rise measured from the bottom to the highest point (i.e. the end of the bar) or to the brakelever bend?