Wednesday, June 3, 2009

iPod Shuffle?

You know what, it's a rainy Wednesday, and I don't really feel like talking about Spanish bottom brackets anymore, so inspired by Steve Crandall's iPod shuffle over on Defgrip, I'm gonna give you 10 tracks off my own freshly re-filled Nano:

• Public Enemy, "Welcome to the Terrordome"
• Judas Priest, "Winter-Deep-Retreat-Cheater"
• Rick Ross f. Foxy Brown, "Murda Mami"
• Mot├Ârhead, "Dirty Love"
• Radiohead, "Treefingers"
• Judas Priest, "Between the Hammer & the Anvil"
• Alice in Chains, "Confusion"
• Queensr├┐che, "Operation: Mindcrime"
• Slayer, "Disciple"
• Radiohead, "Videotape"

Keep in mind that this list is entirely irrelevant since all I've been listening to the past couple of days is "Maybach Music 2." If anyone can figure out what the heck Lil Wayne is talking about, let me know.


Oh yeah, and I guess I should run a picture of me as a little kid, just to stay with the format.

Christmas day, 198-. A new Schwinn Predator and a new Oakland Raiders hoodie. Been downhill ever since.


traskVT said...

sorry bout that Russ!

*bites tongue*

SeanMurphy said...

Schwinn Predator 1983. I had the same one only with the chrome wheels. Slip on checkered vans and knee high socks in my picture. Pimpin.

snotty said...

russ, they are called adlibs in the rap world. they mean what he is trying to say if you listen to the words "im sitting in the asshole" he is in the back seat "he is killing it when he says kurt cobain" and "andrea 3000 stacks" refers to having alot more money than you and i will ever see so if you listen again you will be able to understand

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of seeing that photo Russ. I've seen it like eighty or ninety times, knowhati'msayen? Yes I know you've been riding for a long time.
Fuck, you think you're some kind of rocket appliance or something.


Russ said...

No, no, I understand that stuff—I mean there's entire segments that I don't understand AT ALL. Like, the words themselves.


...Raiders gear will be the new tight pants...


Riq Thourne said...

That is just about the least random "shuffle" I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

SPRFLS entry. Why don't you give us anonymousassess to poke fun of the new Eastern forks?

Word : prodish

Russ said...

@Riq: It was a legit shuffle. My Nano is only a 4 gig, and I only put complete albums on it. Whatevs.

DBZ said...

Any time "Disciple" comes on the bar jukebox, I can't help myself from screaming along to it and tapping along to the drums like a masturbating chimpanzee on cocaine.

Anonymous said...

Deeper Than Rap is a good album. Actually is a really good album if you hear what Ross was trying to create, he was spot on.

I'm not a huge Wayne's albums, but he kills it when he's featured on ANYBODY elses.

Anonymous said...

correction- "Actually it is" and "I'm not a huge fan of Wayne's albums". I am still a little tipsy from last night so please forgive.

Russ said...

It's kind of funny that Juvenile and BG more or less fell off the face of the earth, and Lil Wayne is turning into the bastard son of Kool Keith and Axl Rose.

Russ said...

I just realized I should have written a response post to Darcy's response just so I could title it "No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition!" Sigh. Maybe I'll do it anyway.