Thursday, June 4, 2009

Checks Bounce

If you look at BMXfeed with any regularity, you start to notice bike checks all the time. They're like the chips in a Chips Ahoy! or the green clovers in a box of Lucky Charms or the terrible analogies on this site. Anyway, today I thought I'd just pull all the bike check photos I could find, and run them all with no rhyme nor reason. A bike check shuffle, if you will. Then I can go back to compulsively listening to "Maybach Music 2", which has plenty more rhyme but about as much reason.

(That last one is a bit of a cheat in both date and content, and I probably should have hyperlinked each photo back to the respective sites, but eff it.)

(And oh yes, the Eastern Hawkeye forks. Tomorrow. One of these days I should really look into using RSS.)


Salami said...

BF's bike is pretty much the only one worth looking at.


DOnt forget to say something about odysseys's 4 pcs bars!

Anonymous needs a Knuckle Sammich said...

Seriously, Eastern suck donkey cocks.

You'd seriously think that after more than 10 years they'd come up with ideas smarter than inanely placed fugly cutouts, coupled with horribly teribbly buttfugly graphics.

Hey Jon 'Knuckle Sammich' Byers, how about we pay you guys for number of times you blow massive cocks with your asinine line of products?

Really, these guys have nothing else to offer to the BMX industry...

Stephen said...

I wonder if the new T1 sprocket design will get a mention on ol' SPRFLS?

It sort of looks like the passion child of a Tuffman and a Flyer. I like it.