Friday, June 27, 2008

Quiz For All Mankind

Lots of Mankind product updates on the System Cycles blog today, which means it's finally time for another quiz.

1. In addition to the 18 styles already on their site, the blog shows five new seat designs. Two of them, including the Globe (shown) were already in their lineup.

Which means Mankind now has how many different seats?

a) 23

b) 21

c) 18

d) way too fucking many

2. Brew crew.

Laser-cut decorative seatstay/chainstay bridges are all the rage these days. Stricker has the anchor, Homan had the NJ, Mutiny does brass knuckles. Even 2Hip did an "A" for Jarrod Allen. This frame was made for:

a) Cecil Cooper

b) Robin Yount

c) Jeff Klugiewicz

d) Paul Molitor

e) Prince Fielder

3. Bottom bracket.

Anodizing and engraving a part that will never see the light of day except when it's in the packaging (or installed in a Grim Reaper) is:

a) insane

b) stupid

c) overkill

d) a complete waste of time and money

e) all of the above

4. Barends.

Selling an aluminum barend in 200h8—even if only the endcap is aluminum—is the equivalent of selling:

a) a chromoly seatpost

b) a seven-pound frame

c) forks with peg bosses

d) a cross-bolt stem

e) a 16-tooth cassette driver

5. Bridges redux.

The globe on the Neworld frame is indicitave of:

a) Mankind's wish to join the United Nations

b) Mankind's love for this planet

c) Mankind's wish to produce an entirely useless and purely decorative "brace"

d) Mankind's quest for worldwide domination

e) Mankind's desire to remind everyone where they are


jay said...


there all gay.

brien said...

i saw that bottom bracket yesterday and immediately thought of this site.

are aluminum bar ends really obsolete?

Russ said...

Probably not, but it seems silly to buy them when plastic ones seem to work more or less just as well and cost less. Then again I suppose plastic isn't as environmentally correct.

Actually, I've been meaning to put my aluminum Metal barends back in, so maybe I was overstating things. Oh well.

VxD said...

I've had the same Aluminum barends (the only remnant from my first, "serious" Haro), for nigh on 7 years now.

Anonymous said...

Fashion is the perfect alternative to having to actually ride the bike. Just remember the statement you make is about you, not the brand you bought. The brand got what they set out for when they got your money.

I like subtle efficiency most.

MaxiBMX said...

Sooo anybody else see the missing welds on the Neworld chainstay brace?

Russ said...

For all the good it'll do they may as well have duct-taped it in there.

danesgod said...

same as vxd: same aluminum barends from my haro nyquist... that and my seat post clamp are all thats left

Mexican John said...

The 'A' that was laser cut in the 2 Hip frame for Jarrod Allen was not specifically designed for him, they just made an exact copy of the seat stay bridge on a Fly 3 amigos frame realising that it looked like an 'A'.

Russ said...

It sucked regardless.

Mexican John said...

they all look shit! I'd rather have a good old piece of tubing drilled for a bulldog brake rather than some arty farty design that looks more like a pretzel than something that belongs on a BMX frame.

Anonymous said...

russ raped a kid. it was all over the local news.

Ty said...

MacNeil has 18 styles too. Talk some shit on them.

Anonymous said...

each and every single BMX company producing things now has way too many styles, colors, options and competitors. Mankind is simply one of them and i'm gonna go out on a limb and theorize that Russ didn't single them out for any particular reason. all the options are awesome for the consumer but absolutely hell on the retailer who has to try to stock one of each. (open note to the indusrty: SLOW DOWN!)

Anonymous said...

stop crying. dealers do not stock shit. they purchase only when mandatory.

and yes, Russell is singling out each and every company he speaks of, Mankind being one of them.

hope he doesn’t intend on getting a job in the bike industry. worthless tool!

The Truth said...

dealers do stock shit you dumbass, there are even BMX only shops in this day and age. it sucks when you run a shop and you have 10 seats and the kid is hell bent on the pink mankind seat with a diamond encrusted redsox logo on it. Somebody just make a pivitol dave mirra in all black

Russ said...

If you're going to talk shit on me—which is fine, by the way—at least have the courage to use your name. I use mine.

Maybe it's time to disable anonymous commenting.

And if I did ever want a job in the "industry", I'm thinking I could still find one. But appreciate the concern.

lee said...

Hey Russ. Your blog is awesome.

Just throwing that out there.

Anonymous said...

it's 2kh8 you pillock

Lee said...

Its meant to be read as "two thousand and hate" I think.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. You need to give us the answers though! haha

Anonymous said...

what the fuck does SPRFLS stand for?

Russ said...


And, as in life, there are no right or wrong answers.

Anonymous said...

Russ You have to look at this frame !!!!!!!

Russ said...

Someone actually e-mailed me that last week—it was on the RIDE site as well, and it's today's topic.