Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Driller Killer

Sorry y'all, took yesterday off to recognize Columbus Day. Not sure why they get a day while True Temper doesn't, but I'm not gonna make waves. Also, not sure why I'm apologizing about missing a day when I took over a year off with no explanation at all. Nevermind.

To get back in the swing of things, I decided to just go to the Dans Comp website and scroll through the "new arrivals." Made it almost all the way through the parts with only mild amuzement (which is a combination of amazement and amusement, of course) -- what the heck is an Alius and a Mission? -- before landing on this:

Now, I know S&M ain't afraid of no hoax. But it's not April, and it's hard to believe that Dan's would help perpetrate. And with the direction the average CNCed aluminum snowflake has been going, drilled teeth (they should have called this sprocket the Shane MacGowan) were probably inevitable.

As usual, of course, BMX is roughly 50 years late to the party. Roadies drilled out their chainrings back in the '70s, a practice that was (mostly) abandoned in the modern era. But even they never drilled out the actual teeth, as far as I know. Mostly because they weren't (completely) insane. Meanwhile, BMXers fell in love with things like the "CD sprocket" which, thankfully, will NEVER come back.


EDIT: As DBZ pointed out, somehow I overlooked that the Iron Man was made of 4130. I'm frightened.


Stephen said...

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

DBZ said...

I'm gonna have to call you out on this one, holmes. Have you seen one of these things in the flesh? They're made out of hardened steel: you could use it as a shuriken and kill an elephant dead at thirty paces.

Anonymous said...

Are you rusty Russ? if you use the word snowflake to describe a sprocket, shouldn't you use this?


todd from albe's said...

any chance to use a Shane McGowan reference needs to be seized, well done...and welcome back

Anonymous said...

I remember when my grandpa lost his marbles...