Monday, March 2, 2009

It's the Feds!

It's late, and I've still not managed to procure a digital scale, so I shall neither provide anything lengthy nor complicated today.

Instead, a simple link, where Mark Noble of ESPN (and Deluxe, and formerly of Ride UK) asks several questions of Federal's Chris Harrison. The subject matter is appropriate for this blog. To wit:

"The consumer is to blame in a sense, as they are ultimately demanding lighter parts, and then companies obviously answer this demand and end up producing three and a half pound frames that are not fit for purpose. I think as an industry we have a responsibility by the rider to educate them and to make sure they are aware of the limitations of frame design."

Well, shiver me timbers! Responsibility!

It's well worth reading the interview in its entirety, if you haven't already. Thank you Mark, and thank you Chris. (I thought about quoting more, but I just read this story today.)


Don't mind the bollocks (or my previous posts, apparently), it's Taj's bike check. Maybe the Hanson photo (no, not this) didn't make me a hypocrite, but this does. Still feels weird to me that he's not riding a Barcode.

Obviously I just linked to this because Odyssey pays me $39,967,003 a year. Don't even ask.



Anonymous said...

Anal banana

Lettusdude said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

I want a 21" cs brake barcode!

Anywho, it's good to see companies taking note that frames are stupidly light and need some beef to them...Although I don't entirely agree that 4.5 lbs is a good weight(anything under 5 seems scary to me), at least strength is being acknowledged.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a pot of coffee and a term paper to finish before tomorrow morning.

TheLegendHimself said...

how can you not find a digi ?
a fish scale,m or little digi selling drugs sale ? get one of those fuckers at the mini mart for $20 now.

make a late night run.

get me some backwoods while your at it

TheLegendHimself said...

oh funny how giant had good products ( comparable to any taiwann stuff ) with the mosh line up,
and riders....fuck
was it
rich hirsch
ian schwartz
and eddie cleavland ?
i may be wrong , but thats one hell of a fucking line up, how do they go and fuck that up,

taj is on their shit still sucks.

fuck giant

Anonymous said...

giant dropped mosh so they could focus on getting the giant brand bigger. mosh was way way bigger than the giant brand.

think about the giant frame rob nolli rode a few months after giant picked up 90% of gt's team when they got dropped. no one remembers it.

Sellout! said...



Word verification : Hypocrussticle

Anonymous said...

"mosh was way way bigger than the giant brand."

You are not very bright.

Anonymous said...


giant is a huge bicycle company but in the realm of bmx, mosh was bigger. mosh was all over the place with web videos, the site, ads in mags, the team, etc. the focus was on mosh, not giant. mosh's presence in bmx has, until now and with picking up taj, always been bigger than giant's.

maybe you should read more, perhaps this interview with heath pinter:
"Giant has always sold complete bikes and I feel that while we were doing Mosh we neglected complete bikes. More of our energy went into Mosh parts and advertising Mosh and the team then Giant."

stfu. xoxo.

brien said...

Mosh actually started out as Giant's thinly veiled attempt at entering the complete BMX bike market. The first bikes had square 6" diameter downtubes and looked like total ass. Aitken rode for them. They branched out into parts, made a line of actually well-spec'd and fairly priced completes that didn't sell; scrapped the completes and went to parts only, and now they're back to square one again under their real name.

Anonymous said...

brien, close. mosh started as giant's bmx racing brand in 1996. i don't know how thinly veiled it was especially since they brought in linn kastan which was probably big news. by 1999, mosh completes were generic looking aluminum completes for racing and horrible, ugly freestyle completes in the vein of all the trek, gary fisher, etc completes of the late 90s. a year later they had the ridiculously huge oval downtube frame that weighed like 9 pounds.

then the later mosh completes started, the whole brass named series that were actually pretty good as far as completes were at the time.

2003, mosh becomes the parts company and is shut down last fall.

honestly, people need to learn to use google and 23mag before they ramble some bullshit.

Matthew Sinclair said...

Markus Wilke made Mosh!

//JK said...

Why post under anonymous if all your information is correct?

Anonymous said...

^^^ exactly, this douche obviously worked for them. why the fuck else would you give two shits or know the "inside scoop"?


Man,bike's world in general,its quite a gossip!


Anonymous said...

cannibal ox?

Hasch said...

If you bike checked project tank (again), it'd make you the ultimate hypocrite, and I'd enjoy reading it. two birds.

Russ said...

I can do that. Project: Tank needs a few revisions, actually. I've since acquired a few more key pieces.

TheLegendHimself said...

project tank needs those box tubing cranks, i had some, sherwin or some shit after my bike got stolen,

it was like all good but super heavy parts.
revision c
sm pitchforks.
tiny heavy narrow flat bars
primo casket
primo tenderizers
alex tripple walls,
primo walls
mx bike chain
kink sprocket
og king flint pegs.
car lug nuts on the axles and big steel washer lollipop tensioners. hahah omfg.
brakeless and 40-50lbs hahahaha

standard are making the sta again

haha i love sprfls n/h